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Emotional Wellbeing Of Parents During The Pandemic

Emotional Wellbeing Of Parents 

Remember the safety instructions we usually hear on planes? It says in an adverse situation, put on your oxygen mask first before helping others. It is an important metaphor for self-help and very well applies in parenting too. 

Parenting isn’t easy. It is a demanding job and takes a lot of emotional and physical energy. Usually our entire attention is always on our kids, but an important part of being a parent is also looking after ourself. 

Emotions easily spread through a family. If we’re tired, stressed or exhausted, our kids pick up the same. And if we find moments to be calm and relaxed, these positive feelings are spread on to our kids too. Especially during this pandemic and the entire situation of a lockdown, our fears, anxieties and level of frustration has increased. Along with added stress of managing everything on our own. So it’s all the more important for parents to pay attention to self along with kids and manage their own emotional wellbeing.

Emotional Wellbeing Of Parents During The Pandemic
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Here are some suggestions for emotional wellbeing of parents. 
1 Be Kind To Yourself 

Things do not always go as planned. especially now during the lockdown when the entire routine has changed, your day may unfold in a different way. So don’t be too so self-critical. Set achievable goals for yourself for the day and feel proud when you are able to accomplish it. Self-praise is important. And if not, don’t be too harsh on yourself. Take each day as a new day.

2. Acknowledge Your Emotions 

Notice how you are feeling and what’s on your mind. Some days you are stressed, some days just tired. Acknowledge and accept your feelings and take action, instead of blaming others. Let others around you also know that we all go up and down in our emotions, and that’s OK. When our children see us doing this without blaming others, it also helps them to regulate their own feelings too.

3. Connect With Other Parents 

Find your tribe that can let you know- you aren’t alone and that you can do this. Talking to people who are supportive and good at listening (without judging or criticising) can be calming and helpful in so many ways.

4. Indulge In Me-time 

Take some time off everything (kids, family , work) and enjoy doing things that you like doing. Be it reading a book or watching a movie or taking a warm shower – spend some me-time everyday (be it just for 15 mins).

5. Meditate and Exercise 

Not just this helps to stay physically fit but also help to reduce stress and negative emotions. It brings inner peace, making us feel more content and calm. 

Emotional wellbeing of parents is just as important as physical fitness. Especially during this pandemic when we are all locked up inside our house, it’s all the more important to stay happy and pay attention to self. If we are calm and content, we are also able to raise happy kids who are emotionally secured and confident.

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  1. Poonam

    2020 went in taking care of my newborn and I used to have me-time. Now a mom with a toddler where he can understand it is much difficult to squeeze out the me time as we have to entertain him at home during these tough times of pandemic.

  2. Yes, the Me time and taking care of self is also very important for parents. Then only they can be really happy parents.

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