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‘Memories in a book’ – Customized Photo Book from Photojaanic

Ever since A&A are born, not a single day has passed when I have not clicked their pictures. When it comes to kids, we want to capture all their precious moments and preserve them as a special memory. Don’t we?

My phone memory is usually full of all the pictures that I click of my twin munchkins who come up with something new each day. It’s fun to capture them with their funny yet adorable antics. I usually make a collection of all their pics and every year on their birthday, I get them printed in some or the other format. Last year, I got a huge collage made as a poster that captured all the fun moments of their first year. This year, I resorted to a customized photo book that covered the key highlights of their second year.

Happy Memories of First Year
Customized photo book
Beautiful Memories of Second Year

Frankly I wasn’t much aware of the idea of a customized photo book till I got to know about Photojaanic. I only knew about photo albums, that we used to have in our childhood, which used to hold all the pics we got developed in the form a hard copy. Photo books are relatively new. These are personalized and theme-based books with captions that have all the pictures digitally printed on them. So you can actually sit back and enjoy reading a visual book of all your lovely memories.

About Photojaanic

Photojaanic is an online photo printing service based in India and Singapore. It helps people  to bring their best moments to life in a simple and affordable manner.

It is an online photo maker through which you can create customized photo albums, calendars, cards, wall decor, mobile cover, stationary, etc. It offers a free online design tool that helps you to choose from different themes, background, clip arts and add your own text and caption. You can actually do wonderful things with your pictures in a snap. It’s auto-fill feature automatically creates the album for you in a simple and efficient manner. You can choose from their beautiful set of pre-designed templates for baby albums, cookbooks, wedding photo books, artist portfolios, travel books etc and preserve the fun memories of all your special occasions in a unique way.

My Experience Of Getting A Customized Photo Book From Photojaanic

A&A have now turned 2 years old. I wanted to have a collection of all the photos from their second year that reflected their growth and happy moments of 2017.

So I checked the website of Photojaanic and explored the section of photo books. The site is easy to understand and browse through. Among the multiple options in the Photobook section, I chose ‘Baby Photobooks’ in hard cover. There are multiple size options available and you can choose the size that you want. I chose 8×11 inches that cost around Rs.1049. The book contains 20 pages and you can even add extra sheets if required. The amount of the book varies as per the size and the number of extra sheets you want to get added.

Once I was clear about the size and feel of the book, I then had to choose a nice and unique theme that fitted well with the kind of book I wanted. I was thoroughly confused among the various theme options that were present – right from classic to mosaic to contemporary. I finally settled with a theme ‘Happily Ever After’, that best suited my requirement.

Customized photo book

The final process of creating the album was pretty simple. All I had to do was select all the pictures from my library and arrange them in the order of my preference. I chose to start the book with a pic from their first birthday and moved on to specific pictures of all the special occasions from their second year. From their first trip UK to achieving specific milestones, from Rakshabandhan and Diwali celebrations to their second birthday bash in Goa- I could collect all the best memories of 2017 at one place.

Customized photo book

What’s interesting is I could also include captions and subtitles in the font and color of my choice. I could add a border to various pics and even apply filters. I had spent my own sweet time on each page and chose a layout of my liking. It took me 2 days to create my entire customized photo book.

Customized photo book

What I Liked The Most

I was impressed by the variety and options the site had to offer. Here are the things that I liked the most-

  1. The quality of the book is extremely good. It’s printed on Luster silk paper that is tear-resistant, scratch and water-resistant.
  2. With every photo book, there also comes a free e-book. So we can easily share the digital photo book on social media with friends and family.
  3. We can create the entire photo book as per our convenience. We can save the project in between and come back later to add more. Since it gives the option to check preview of each page, we can make necessary edits wherever required.
  4. The final delivery of the product is quick. The book reached to me within 2 days of my purchase.
  5. The product comes in proper packaging. There is no scope of damage in transit.
  6. The pricing is pretty affordable. The site keeps offering various discounts and offers that makes the purchase absolutely worthwhile.
  7. There is nothing too complicated on the site that makes it difficult for us to understand. The entire site is super easy to use.
What I Didn’t Like

My journey with Photojaanic was pretty satisfactory and there is nothing that I didn’t like in my entire experience. I enjoyed customizing my own album and was quite excited to see the hard copy. There is one thing that I would want to mention- for the best output, prefer choosing pictures with high resolution. That will enhance the print quality and the photo book will look perfect.

Customized photo book

It is usually believed that photos are our ‘return ticket to a moment otherwise gone’. And there is nothing as good as a customized photo book to cherish old memories and re-live the beautiful moments of life. In case you are looking for best online photo maker, try Photojaanic for an amazing and worthwhile experience.

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Customized photo books

Have you ever tried collecting memories in a photo book? Share your experience with us.

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  1. Princy Khurana

    i so agree. we use an external hard drive to keep our memories and we have pictures from the time when me and my husband were just dating. its amazing ! i will chk out this app also soon. thanks

  2. This is such a fantastic idea. I have also been contemplating getting a photo book done of T’s birthday bash. This seems like a good option. Will check it out.

  3. roopikais607

    Photobooks are wonderful! We have used the services of Photojaanic and had a good experience! The pages are tear resistant and that’s the best feature!

  4. thanks a lot for letting me know about the website. i used use zoomin previously.

  5. Ruchie

    I will also try this to store my memories in this wonderful way !!

  6. sneha Jain

    Those are some wonderful tips n photos, and I really wish to try this brand for my all lovely collection of phopho

  7. Neha Sharma

    I loved this whole idea of getting a digitally printed theme based photo book. I will definitely get one for our family too. Thanks Charu for introducing us to Photojaanic.

  8. Mrinal Kiran

    Photo memories are for me! I love getting and giving photos in form of gifts! This looks so perfect for valentine’s day! Thank you so much for sharing! Will check out photojaanic right now!

  9. rakhiparsai11984

    Memories are the only thing that stays with us forever and what better than capturing these memories in the form of a photo book. In-fact we also got one made for our daughter when she turned two and it is such a priced possession for us till date. I would love to try out photojaanic for my daughter who is soon going to turn 5 this year.

  10. I have been thinking of a photobook since my marriage was fixed, that’s an eternity ago. But was never 100% sure of the outcome – well today I realize missed it big time. But again, it’s not late – let me dig some old pics and reach photojaanic. Thanks for sharing Charu.

  11. I love the experience of flipping through photo albums, and this photo book is a good idea as will ensure longevity of the photos! I like the layout options.. the option to personalise and make it interesting are quite un-ending.

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