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Phobia: A Reflection Of My Mind

Certain realities strike us hard. And it becomes difficult to cope with them. A few years back a terrorist attack in school in Peshawar took away many innocent lives. The incident was enough to shake many hearts and create a sense of fear. I wasn’t a mother then, still could feel the pain of the […]

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The Change

As mothers, while we enjoy the daily monotony, there comes a point when ‘change’ is all that we need. Sometimes we are rejuvenated by something new happening in life and sometimes we feel overpowered by the same,  so much so that it leaving us incapable of how to deal with life. Life throws both the […]

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Oh Mother!

(‘My Person’: someone who is my confidant; my friend, philosopher and guide; who can read my heart and talk to my eyes. And this could be no one else but my mother. ) This piece is dedicated to my mother who is my biggest support, critic and guide. I can never thank her enough for […]