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The Change

As mothers, while we enjoy the daily monotony, there comes a point when ‘change’ is all that we need. Sometimes we are rejuvenated by something new happening in life and sometimes we feel overpowered by the same,  so much so that it leaving us incapable of how to deal with life. Life throws both the […]

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The Story Of Missing Ear Loop

Motherhood makes a woman more loving, affectionate and caring. It also makes a woman more cautious, paranoid and to an extent always overthinking. We got our daughter her first set of ear loop when she was seven months old. Whether to get her ears pierced or not was a topic of huge debate at our home. […]

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A Unique Letter To Santa Claus

Read this interesting letter to Santa Claus by one year olds who have an interesting and unique wishlist. Be ready for a hearty laugh. Dear Santa This is our first Christmas. We are too young to write on our own. Language and words are yet to empower us.  Hence, like for all other activities, we […]