You are currently viewing Budget-Friendly Return Gifts Ideas For Toddlers

Budget-Friendly Return Gifts Ideas For Toddlers

Budget-Friendly Return Gifts Ideas For Toddlers

Kids love birthday parties. They are exciting not just for the child who is celebrating his/her birthday but also for those who are attending it. And guess what makes them special for the little guests? RETURN GIFTS!

For parents, baby’s birthday is the most special time of the year. And if you throw a party there is a lot of planning that you have to do – from decoration to food to return favours, the list is endless.

In this article, I have compiled a list of age-appropriate and budget-friendly return gift ideas that every child is sure to enjoy. 

Budget-Friendly Return Gift Ideas for toddlers

1. Lunchbox/Water Bottles

These are the products of everyday use and hence make for a great gifting option for children. You can get these customized as per the theme of your party or have some fun cartoon prints on them.

2. Art Kits

Crayons, finger paints, colouring books, etc are a instant hit among kids. They find these creative and fun. For kids 2 years and below you can go for non-toxic paints or colouring sets. For older ones you can get the entire art kit with multiple items in one pack.

3. Pencil Boxes

Another useful and budget-friendly present for kids is a pencil box. You can get fun cartoon print boxes or cloth pouches. You can even customize the inner contents as per the age-group of your guest list.

4. Story Books

This is a classic return gift suitable for any age. Most parents find this a good option as it has an educational value. You can get story books based on the theme of your party – say Peppa story books for Peppa themed party or books on Dinosaur for a Dino themed one

5. Puzzles

Puzzles make for a thoughtful and exciting gift. They are a good gender-neutral option too. There are various types of puzzles available online suitable for all age-groups.

6. Piggy Banks

This gift is a hit among both kids and parents alike. While kids find it a cute and fun play toy, parents find it great way to teach children the idea of saving money.

7. Miniature Board Games

In the age of digital indulgence, having board games as return favors is a wise idea. Choose age-appropriate board games that are fun and engaging.

8. Small Stuffed Toys

Most kids like stuffed toys, so these are a safe bet. You can choose famous characters like Minion or Mickey Mouse or different stuffed animals. This way you can make your little one’s return gifts unique to each guest.

I hope this list of return gifts ideas aid you in your search of the perfect return gift while planning your kid’s most awaited birthday party.

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  1. Aesha

    I like the idea of piggy banks and small board games as return gifts.

  2. Ritu

    I love the idea of art kits. Used to love receiving the as a child. You have shared some great options.

  3. Imagemakeover

    These are some great ideas and I have used gifting all of these infact recently I started giving plants as this will help kids to understand how important is to keep our earth green and protected.

  4. shaandaarjenie

    I do gift kids from the ideas above. But now i got more ideas to gift children thanks to ur post.

  5. Geethica

    Thanks, Charu for sharing such easy to gift list otherwise it’s a always a task to decide what will toddlers like to play with?

  6. Swati Khatri

    This reminds me of school days, when it was a delight to get such return gifts. Specially those colorful art kits.
    Any child will be happy to get these gifts 🙂

  7. Satabdi

    In my experience, children enjoy art kits and puzzles the most.

  8. Neha Sharma

    Oh, this is such a helpful list, Charu. I remember last year we celebrated Nemit’s birthday at home and selecting the right return gift was such a difficult task for us. And, Nemit has got so many art kits, bottles and even a few books as return gifts so it is always a confusing task to decide. Personally, I find books, puzzles and games an interesting choice for return gifts.

  9. A Rustic Mind

    These are some great ideas. I’ll surely share with the moms in my circle

  10. Harshita Nanda

    Reminds me of the time when the kiddos were small and they used to decide what return gifts i should buy to give to their friends, it used to be so much fun!

  11. This year on my son’s birthday I gave story books to the kids. It was fun finding books and packing them considering the nature and liking of kids. I feel books are always the right gif no matter what is the age 🙂

  12. MeenalSonal

    Yes we need to look at budget friendly gifts, I always prefer story books and art supplies.

  13. Mayuri6

    I like the idea of Piggy Banks and Puzzles. Sharing this helpful list with my mom friends.

  14. anurbannomadic

    Miniature board games are my all time favs, there is so much to choose from and even for big groups its easy on pocket.

  15. Gurjeet Chhabra

    Recently through a birthday party of my daughter. Return gifts are great challenge to choice. Great list

  16. Cindy Dsilva

    These are good ideas for return gifts, though I feel like a cupcake should be good enough. My kids have gotten the idea that they have to get gifts when they go for a party instead of gifting the birthday boy something.

  17. myworldwitheira

    Art kits can never go wrong as return gifts and they are pocket friendly too. Kids love them.

  18. jainnehas

    You mentioned really great ideas. Kids look forward to return gifts the most.

  19. Srikanth

    Great gifting options… Toddlers and kids love getting gifts and these options would definitely help people who are looking at gifting them.

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