You are currently viewing Book Review: Travel India With A Toddler by Neha Sharma

Book Review: Travel India With A Toddler by Neha Sharma

Title: Travel India With A Toddler

Author: Neha Sharma

Genre : Travel

Pages : 155

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Book Review : Travel India With A Toddler
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About the Book

Travel India With A Toddler is an interesting travelogue written from the perspective of a parent, meant to inspire fellow parents to travel often with their little ones. The book records author’s memorable trips and expeditions to three most exquisite Indian locations – Andaman, Kashmir and Meghalaya and also offers some valuable recommendations and tips for traveling with kids.

My Review

Neha’s Travel India With A Toddler is a book with a purpose. It is aimed to build her readers’ (mainly parents) confidence to travel more with their kids. A lot of parents (including me) find traveling with young kids difficult. But Neha’s book aims to redefine this age-old assumption and rather proves that if planned well with a positive mindset, vacation with young kids can be fun and most memorable.

“One thing which I hear a lot from parents is that traveling with kids is difficult; especially with toddlers. Of course, it is hard, kids are an added responsibility on a vacation when what we actually want to do is relax & rejuvenate and have some stress-free time. But this is also true that if travel is planned right with a positive mindset, it can turn out to be a fun & memorable experience. ” – Neha

She shares a lot of valuable tips and tricks for parents on how to plan their travel. Right from how to choose a kid-friendly hotel to booking an Airbnb to simple packing hacks – she covers it all. I especially liked the part where she mentions some tips for travelling with kids and grandparents. Her suggestions like ‘plan for a non-touristy location’ or ‘look for connecting rooms’ are quite practical and useful.

Neha also shares her travel experiences to three most beautiful Indian locations – Andaman, Kashmir and Meghalaya. Along with her day to day itinerary and ways to reach at these locations, she adds her recommendations for places to visit, points of interest, and even kids’ friendly accommodations. She covers every minute details about famous tourist places that she visited, their timings, ticket booking, etc. Personally, I have never been to these three places and so these sections of her book will serve as a good reference point for me whenever I plan to travel there.

Talking about language and narration, the book is written in a simple language and has a good flow. The section ‘the trek that went wrong’ especially kept me glued and I would give it to the author’s writing skills for adding suspense and thrill in her narration.

Personally, I not just enjoyed reading this book but also had a lot of take-aways that will help me be more organized and meticulous while planning my next travel with my twins. I would highly recommend this book to fellow parents or anyone who enjoys reading travelogues.

About the Author

Neha Sharma is an incredible mom blogger who shares about her parenting journey on her blog Growing With Nemit. She is an avid traveler who loves exploring new locations and sharing her experiences of traveling with her 2 year old son Nemit. Travel India With A Toddler is her debut book through which she aims to inspire parents to travel with their little ones and enjoy life post parenthood.

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  1. Modern Gypsy

    Sounds like an excellent book for parents with younger kids. The iteniaries and travel tips sound especially interesting

  2. An innovative and practical topic. A horde of people are travelling in difficult terrain with kids and this book will definitely be helpful.

  3. PRB

    Looks like a relevant book for Indian parents as my friends complain that it is tough to travel within India with toddlers. Thanks for the review. #ReadByPRB

  4. arv!

    Traveling with a toddler is not easy. I’m sure the book will be enlightening

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