You are currently viewing Book Review: The Unborn Angel By Dr Bushra Nausheen

Book Review: The Unborn Angel By Dr Bushra Nausheen

Title – The Unborn Angel

Author – Dr Bushra Nausheen

Genre – Health & Fitness 

Pages –  16

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The Unborn Child by Dr Bushra Nausheen - Book Review

About The Book 

The Unborn Angel is an informative piece on abortion complications, it’s treatment and consequences. Not all abortions are normal. Some are different and give a new perspective to individual life. Dr. Bushra’s book gives voice to women who go through forceful abortions and captures the pain they go through. 

The book is written by a doctor and is based on her experience with her patients. She covers various topics and even talks in detail about the abortion law in the country. This book solves all the doubts, queries, myths, confusion, and nervousness related to abortion.

My Review

Despite of almost 50 years of the incorporation of the Medical Termination If Pregnancy Act and the vindication of women’s right to abort, abortion still remains a debated topic and even a taboo issue in or country. Not many women are aware of what the abortion law in the country pertails. Dr. Bushra’s book ‘The Unborn Angel’ is an informative piece, written with the intent to educate women and enlighten them in this regard.

The book covers abortion complications, treatments and consequences. The entire book is divided into two sections. The first section is a short story of Mahi and Mishi and highlights the emotions and pain that women go through while dealing with the pressures of forceful abortion. The opening lines of the book are powerful and gripping. It addresses real emotions of women and the trauma they witness. Unfortunately even in the 21st century the issue of female foeticide in the desire for a ‘boy child’ is quite common in our society. 

In the author’s own words, ‘Though abortion law is legal in India. But there are many underlying stories that run deep. Some abortions bring mental and physical trauma…’ And not every woman in the country gets support from their families. This book is successful in providing adequate knowledge to women and raising awareness in this regard. 

The second section of the book throws light on the abortion laws of the country and myths and facts associated with it. It talks about the procedure and precautions that women need to take and answers questions related to its side effects, safety, etc.

Two things that I liked about the book are – one, it doesn’t contain too much medical jargon. Dr. Bushra has simplified the language for her readers making it easy to understand. Two, the book is mainly meant for informational purposes and raising awareness among women. The author has cited sources of her research wherever required and kept the information fully authentic. 

If you are looking to read more on abortion laws and associated facts, then this book is a one-stop resource for you to gather all the information.

About the Author 

Dr.Bushra is a doctor by profession and a health and wellness advocate by passion. She is also a blogger and likes to create content that’s useful & educative. Her blog – All About The Woman revolves around women and covers multiple niche like food, health, nutrition, lifestyle and parenting.

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  1. Suchita

    Such an important ebook for our times.

  2. With Alabama and several other states in the US going retrograde in progressive thought especially about abortion and abortion laws, this seems to be something worth picking up and reading.

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