Safety Before Anything- #HowSafeAreYou Campaign by Godrej Locks

Do you feel safe within the four walls of your house? Given to the rise in the number of thefts and burglary, #HowSafeAreYou ?

We usually don’t think on the lines of house safety till we or our near and dear one experience something adverse. And sometimes in spite of being aware of the happenings around, we still hold a complacent attitude. Don’t we?

There is no denying fact that our family’s safety is our topmost priority. And so we must take appropriate measures to ensure the same. Be it being more vigilant or installing proper locks or understanding the psychology of a robber – we must be more proactive in our approach to our safety.

I recently attended an event by Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems that emphasized on the same. Through their campaign #HowSafeAreYou they tried to raise awareness amongst the citizens on home safety.

About #HowSafeAreYou Campaign by Godrej LocksS

Godrej announced 15th November to be observed as ‘Home Safety Day’ in India. The campaign witnessed an informative panel discussion that covered all aspects of home security in detail. The expert panel involved Dr. Kaminidevi Bhoir, Honorary Psychiatric Counsellor for Mumbai Police, Vivek Agrawal, veteran crime journalist and author, Shyam Motwani, EVP and Head of Business – Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems, Prakash N. Borgaonkar, Western Region Head of HelpAge India and a victim of theft over the psyche of a robber.


The campaign involved unraveling the mind of a robber. Releasing videos of reformed robbers speaking on their modus operandi, it gave an insight on what deters a burglar from attacking a home.

Dr Kaminidevi Bhoir, highlighted on the fact that a robber has no conscience –

“A robber or a thief is somebody who has the urge to steal. This act of robbery is a disease and is called kleptomania. Kleptomania is associated with impulse control disorder, where you get an impulse to do a particular thing and you cannot stop it and you go ahead and commit the act, without thinking of its consequences.”


Mr. Prakash N. Borgaonkar, emphasized on the fact that most victims of robberies tend to be senior citizens. Since they are isolated by their family and they easily allow anyone to enter their house, they become a ‘soft target’.

Sharing his experience in crime journalism, Mr. Vivek Agarwal mentioned how for some thieves ‘killing’ is not a taboo and they can go to any extent to make a robbery successful.

Shyam Motwani, from Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems believes, “Preparedness is the key’. Robbers in today’s time are more skilled and prepared in their actions. And so it’s important for the citizens to be equally prepared and planned to tackle an unforeseen situation. He mentions-

“While the police and government have been trying their best to curtail crimes, it is equally the responsibility of the citizens to help police curb crime as well as take appropriate measures to prevent them. “


About Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems

Think about locks, and one brand that definitely strikes our mind is ‘Godrej’. Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems is synonymous with trust, protection and integrity. With changing times, their locks have constantly been updated in form and function. Their world-class smart locking solution is not just abreast with recent technology but also complex and challenging for a robber to crack. Their locks with 3KS technology are customized as per the requirement of the consumers.

Key Take-Aways From The Event

The event was supremely informative and threw light on the responsibility of a consumer. There is no doubt that Godrej has come up with the most innovative locking devices. However we, as responsible citizens, too need be more careful in our approach and take necessary prevention.

  1. Always buy the lock yourself. Invest in a good lock after understanding its technology.
  2. Don’t go by the weight of the lock. Check the strength of its shackle.
  3. Be more vigilant while getting a duplicate key made.
  4. Keep a watch on what’s happening outside your house.
  5. Never share your house keys or pins with strangers.
  6. Change your locks timely and keep your security measure updated.
  7. For locks with thumb printing, always wipe the portion before stamping your thumb.
  8. Raise your voice as a consumer and ask questions.

#HowSafeAreYou Campaign has been truly insightful and eye-opening, especially for moms like us who bear the responsibility of young kids at home and their safety.

The event made me realise that – safety comes before anything and our safety is completely our responsibility. We need to take our safety seriously and be more informed and wise in our choices. 

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Natural, Safe And Eco-friendly Baby Wipes By Mamaearth

Amongst all the baby essentials that I use, one thing that I just can’t do without is baby wipes. Be it to clean the baby’s face or bums or removing the food stains- wipes are one handy option. They are a quick and easy solution to clean all the mess created by the baby. I use baby wipes liberally and usually don’t step out of the house without one pack in my bag.

Eye-opening Facts About Baby Wipes

There is no doubt that baby wipes are a super convenient option. But recently I came across a few eye-opening facts about baby wipes that left me aghast. I realised that the wipes I usually use has the base material, POLYESTER which not only pollute seas and clogs drain but also take hundreds of years to decompose landfill. Most of the baby wipes available in the market contain ‘Phenoxyethanol’, an ingredient linked to skin conditions like eczema. Infact some of the baby wipes also include alcohol and other preservatives which are not recommended to be used on the child’s delicate skin.

Facts like these got me thinking. .On one hand we ensure our kids live in a clean and green environment, on the other we are using products that are adverse to the same. Thankfully I came across one brand that thinks on the same lines and provides a safer and eco-friendly alternative.

About Mamaearth’s Baby Wipes

Mamaearth needs no introduction. It is a well- known name in the baby and mother care range of products. It’s toxin-free, organic products are quite popular for being safe and natural.

Mamaearth recently launched India’s 1st Organic bamboo based wipes. These wipes are biodegradable, pediatrician- tested and certified by Made Safe Organization. What’s interesting is that these wipes are 100 percent polyester free, pH balanced and hypoallergenic. The bamboo fibre makes these wipes more breathable than the cotton ones.

Baby wipes


Key Ingredients

Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Lavender Essential Oil, Glycerin, Decyl Glucoside, Aloe Vera Extract, Water, Potassium Sorbate

Our Experience with Mamaearth’s Baby Wipes

It’s been more than two weeks that we have been using Mamaearth’s baby wipes and we are quite happy with the experience. The fact that we are using a product that’s environmentally safe is a great psychological relief. Also these wipes work wonderfully on dry and tender skin of the child.


Here are a few things that we liked the most-

  1. These are toxin free and contain no bleach, dyes, petrochemicals, chlorine or sulphates.
  2. Given to the mild ingredients, they are safe enough to be used daily on the child’s skin. They do not cause any redness or irritation or rashes on the tender baby skin
  3. They have a good moisturizing capacity and do not strip away the natural oils of the skin.
  4. The wipes are soft, flexible in texture and easy to use.
  5. The presence of Aloe Vera and Shea Butter in these wipes have a soothing effect on the baby’s skin.
  6. They have a mild natural fragrance which is supremely pleasing.
  7. The packaging of the product is well-thought of. The double lid ensures that the pack is properly sealed and the moisture is not lost. This also makes them a travel-friendly product.

Baby wipes


Price and Availability 

A pack of 72 wipes is priced at Rs 249. You may find them a bit expensive when compared to other brands available in the market. But the fact that these are fully organic and one of its kind makes them totally worth it. You can find these baby wipes easily available on Mamaearth’s website and  First Cry.

Ensuring a step towards a clean, green and safe environment, Mamaearth’s bamboo based baby wipes is a great alternative to the plastic ridden polyester wipes. Try them once for yourself to experience their goodness!

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Top 5 Misconceptions About Normal Delivery- Myths versus Facts

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. All through the nine months, a woman experiences multiple changes happening within her body. As much as she enjoys those kicks in her growing belly, she also stays apprehensive about her labour and delivery.

There is a growing concern about normal delivery these days. It is considered as an act of ‘bravery’ which not all women can achieve. Most doctors increasingly suggest a cesarean over normal delivery assuming that the women today would not want to go through the labour pain. Many women too personally opt for a planned cesarean thinking that it’s an ‘easy way out’.

Let me tell you, no delivery is easy or tough! Each has its own pros and cons. Birthing is the most natural process and delivering through the natural way should always be the preferred choice.

The cesarean rate for first-time mothers with a single foetus, in the normal head-down position who have crossed 37 weeks should be less than 25%” says Dr. Swati Sinha, consultant obstetrician-gynecologist at Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research.

One of the reasons for the rise in cesarean deliveries in the country is the number of myths that surround a normal delivery. There are tonnes of old wives’ tales and misconceptions built around the natural birthing process. Let me present to you some common myths versus facts-

# Myth 1- A Vaginal Birth is unbearably painful, C-section is less painful

Fact– The experience of labour pain is certainly intense, but it’s not intolerable. Labour is  not a singular event. It occurs in stages and the  intensity of the pain increases gradually. With the right support team and proper medical guidance, it can be made a fulfilling birth experience. While the pain in normal delivery is experienced during the process, in cesarean its the aftermath in the form of stitches. C-section is a major abdominal surgery that comes with a long list of risks including bleeding, infections in the stitches, reaction to anesthesia, etc. Its healing and recovery process takes a longer time. A normal delivery is relatively a ‘less risky’ approach.

#Myth 2- Normal Delivery is not safe for babies

Fact–  Normal Delivery is healthier for the baby. The child when passing through the birth canal receives certain bacteria that play a great role in building his immune system. During the process of delivery, he expells amniotic fluid from his lungs that helps him to breathe air better once out in the world thereby causing fewer respiratory problems in the initial days.

#Myth 3Use of Forceps & Vacuums can be dangerous

Facts– Not all normal deliveries require the use of forceps or vacuum. These are needed only in rare situations. Under the expertise of a skilled doctor, these methods are safe for both the mom and the baby.

#Myth 4A Cesarean is a must if the labour pain doesn’t start naturally

Fact– Many a times labour pain doesn’t start naturally even on reaching the due date. In such cases the labour is medically induced. Inductions usually lead to a successful normal delivery and a cesarean alternative is not required in most cases.

#Myth 5Women who are overweight or older in age or short in height, cannot have a normal delivery

Fact– A woman’s body is designed to give birth. Those who are short in height usually have a small baby who can easily pass through the pelvis. All healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancy stand a chance for a normal delivery. With proper labor exercise, knowledge of breathing techniques, etc, normal delivery is achievable.

Hear the birth experience of Suveksha Lama, who, in spite of being a 37 years old overweight lady, could manage to have a successful normal delivery with the support of her family and doctors.

[The video has been taken from Sitaram Bhartia’s blog/youtube channel]

‘Birth is a normal physiological event in a woman’s life and requires minimal intervention’. All hospitals should follow this philosophy. One of the hospitals that does believe in this is- Sitaram Bhartia. This 70-bed, multi-specialty hospital in New Delhi has accomplished an 88% normal delivery rate for the low-risk-first-birth women. Their maternity program is designed to empower women and their families into making the healthiest and safest choices for pregnancy and delivery. This has helped them to achieve one of the lowest cesarean rates (12% for first-birth low-risk mothers) among Delhi’s private hospitals.

If you are expecting and have believed in such myths related to normal delivery, I hope this post has empowered you enough to be confident about the natural birthing process.

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6 Tips For Baby Skin Care During Winter Season

Seasonal changes can be harsh on the tender skin of the baby. And winter is especially one season that becomes really tough for the baby to tolerate. Read on to follow some useful Baby Skin Care Tips that can help you to keep your child’s skin soft and nourished during winters.

Both A & A have an ultra sensitive skin. I always have to be extra careful about the soaps and lotions that I choose for them or even the fabric of their garments. Even the slightest exposure to a skin irritant leads to an eruption on their face or body. The onset of winter brings along additional problems of rough cheeks, chapped lips, redness and rashes, etc. We had spent our last winters in the freezing cold of Delhi and I eventually had to change all the bath and body products that I use for my kids and switch to the ones that have high moisturizing capacity.

Although Mumbai’s winter isn’t too harsh and intolerable but we still face the problem of rough skin due to dryness in the air. Kids’ skin being far more delicate and sensitive than us adults, is all the more prone to such irritation and dryness. Their skin may look perfect from the outside but is actually 3 times thinner and loses moisture 2 times faster. It is therefore important to follow a proper skin care routine for the babies, especially throughout the first years of their life.

Here I am listing down some of the Baby Skin Care Tips that worked for us. Follow these basic tips to keep your child’s skin soft and protected in the harsh winter climate.
1. Use Warm Water, Not Hot

Bath your baby with lukewarm water and try to keep the bath time short and sweet. Ensure that the water temperature is warm and not hot. Extended exposure to hot water can strip off the moisture from your baby’s skin. After bathing gently pat with a soft towel and avoid rubbing.

Special Tip: For new born or young babies who do not sweat much, you can give them a bath once in two days. 

2. Keep the Skin Moisturized

Mositurizing your baby’s skin is important all through the year. But winter calls for extra hydration as the cold air, windy weather and use of heaters work against the skin’s natural moisture. After every bath, apply a moisturizing lotion on your baby’s skin. Using it immediately after bath ensures that the moisture is locked in and the skin is well protected. I use Johnson’s baby lotion which is clinically proven to be mild and gentle. It is hypoallergenic ,paraben-free and helps to slow down the moisture loss. I find it #BestForBaby as it keeps the child’s skin hydrated for long.  

Baby Skin Care

Special Tip: Apply the moisturizer twice a day. Once after bath and once in night and don’t forget to moisturize the face and cheeks of the child.

3. Choose The Right Clothing

As important it is to choose the right skin care products for the kids, it’s equally important to choose the right garments. Do note that woolen clothes shouldn’t be worn directly on the skin. Always use a cotton undershirt below.

Special Tip: We sometimes make the baby wear the same woolen clothes for a few days which could be a cause of various allergies and infections. Ensure that you use fresh, clean and disinfected woolens everyday.

4. Be Wise While Layering Up

We tend to dress up our kids in layers during winters. But how do we know how many layers are enough? Usually babies need one extra layer of clothing than us adults. Excessive layers can lead to sweating which can then clog the pores of the skin and result in redness and rashes. Keep checking the body temperature of the child by sticking you hands inside the kid’s clothing. If you find it too hot, simply take one layer off.

Special Tip:  One thing I do to keep my babies warm is to put multiple layers of thin clothes instead of woolens. 

5. Maintain Diaper Hygiene

The skin on the baby’s bottom is most vulnerable to rashes and itching due to excessive heat and sweating. Rashes can occur if the baby stays in the wet or dirty diaper for long. Everytime you change the diaper, clean the area with a wet cloth or wipe before putting on a new diaper. I especially use Johnson’s Baby SkinCare Wipes that are made with ultra fine fabric and are mild on the tender skin of the baby. These wipes are alcohol-free, soap-free and ideal for diaper change. They not just help to remove all the dirt and impurities but also have a moisturizing effect on the skin, that helps prevent nappy rash.

Baby Skin Care

Special Tip: Even if the baby is dressed in multiple layers, keep checking her diaper frequently and change whenever needed. Also ensure that the diapers aren’t too tight. 

6. Keep Your Child Hydrated

For babies above 6 months of age, make them drink luke warm water at regular intervals. This helps the child and his skin to remain hydrated.

Special Tip: For the chapped lips of the baby, apply ghee or coconut oil. That work wonders. 

Now that the cold weather is rolling in across the country, I hope these Baby Skin Care Tips would help you to maintain the cherub lips and chubby cheeks of  your child. Happy Winters!  

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GAIA Natural Baby : Organic Skin Care For Your Precious Little One

If you have been following my social media pages and insta stories, you would know that am raving about a particular skin care brand for kids that am currently using for A&A.

Both my kids have a dry and sensitive skin, that becomes worse during seasonal changes. While choosing any skin care range for them, I put a conscious effort to read the list of ingredients and understand what goes into their making. When I first checked the constituents of GAIA Natural Baby care products, I was quite impressed to read about the use of organic vegetable oils and plant extracts, that are not just safe but also beneficial and nourishing for the baby’s skin. I am happy with the fact that I could find a range of products that is mild, gentle, yet supremely effective on the tender skin of my kids. 

About GAIA Skin Naturals 

The main mission of GAIA Skin Naturals is to be a brand that people can trust for its ‘clean and green’ high quality products. Michelle Vogrinec, the driving force behind the brand, couldn’t find a single skin care product that is mild enough to suit the sensitive skin of her son who suffered from eczema at just 8 weeks of age. That’s when she decided to create these gentle, non-irritating products that are certified to be pure and free from harmful chemicals.

Launched in 2002 in Australia, GAIA Skin Care products are also available in India. Their Natural Baby range takes into consideration the fact that a baby’s skin is thinner and more sensitive than that of an adult and does not have normal barrier functions when they are born. And so the ingredients used in their products are well researched and sourced through reputable companies. Some of their products are manufactured in ACO Certified Organic processing plants. Most of their products are suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitivities and irritations.

Key Features

1. All their products are pure, natural and organic.

2. They are free from artificial fragrances, harsh soap, sulphates, petrochemicals, mineral oils, lanolin, paraben preservatives, propylene glycol or phthalates.

3. They have been tailored to suit the sensitive skin of the baby as  the ingredients included are known for their low irritancy towards skin.

4. They follow strict GMP practices and all their products undergo quality testing prior to release.

5. Their products are free from animal ingredients. Also they are not tested on animals. All products are CCF accredited.

My Experience

We are using GAIA Natural Baby since almost a month now. All the three products that we used suited my kid’s skin well.

1. GAIA Natural Baby Bath & Body Wash

GAIA Natural Baby

Key Ingredients: Contains certified organic avocado, evening primrose oil, sweet orange, purified water, organic chamomile extract. 

This bath and body wash is thick in consistency and lathers well. We just use a small amount of wash to the running water and rub across the whole body and it works well. The good thing is it gets washed easily in one go. I don’t find A&A’s skin turning dry or rough after it’s use. Rather it becomes soft and smooth due to the presence of skin-softening organic oils. The natural scent of organic sweet orange and chamomile is pleasing and the kids smell fresh for hours after bath.

2. GAIA Natural Baby Shampoo

GAIA Natural Baby

Key Ingredients: Contains certified organic chamomile, evening primrose oil, sweet orange, hydrolyzed wheat protein, purified water.

I shampoo my kid’s hair almost everyday and this shampoo is perfect for their little scalp as it’s mild and gentle. It doesn’t cause any irritation on the child’s skin or eyes. We use only a pea-size of this thick liquid and it lathers well covering the entire scalp. It cleanses the hair without stripping the natural protective oil and leaves them soft and shiny after every use.

3. GAIA Natural Baby Moisturizer

GAIA Natural Baby

Key Ingredients: Contains certified organic shea butter, avocado oil, lavender, soybean oil, cocoa butter, grapeseed oil, etc

This moisturizer is a dense liquid that is easy to apply. It spreads across well and doesn’t require a lot of rubbing. I apply it everyday on my kids face and body after bath and it doesn’t leave any sticky residue on my hands. It contains a blend of natural oils and butters that protect against general dryness and keep the baby’s skin hydrated and moisturized for long.

Product Packaging

The products came in neat and sturdy transparent bottles. The packaging clearly included the list of all the essential ingredients used in the product and the directions to use. I personally like transparent bottles as they give me a fair idea about the quantity left. However, I find the lid of the bottles is a little fragile. If your kids are as naughty and mischievous as my twins, there are chances that they can easily break it. Try to keep the bottles away from your child’s reach.

Price & Availability 

All the three products are priced at Rs 850 for a 250 ml bottle and are easily available at GAIA Skin Naturals website. They are also available on all leading online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Hopscotch, BabyChakra and Paytm. People living in Mumbai can find these products at many famous retail outlets like Kamdhenu ( Nepean Sea Road), Kidzone (Powai), Pink Bunny (Malad W), Green Bell (Juhu) etc.


To sum up there are a few things that we really liked about the products-

1. The organic ingredients used in these products are not just safe but also nourishing for the delicate skin of the baby.

2. They involve only natural fragrances that are supremely mild and pleasing.

3. The pricing is not too high as compared to the other international organic brands.

4. They need to be used in very little quantity which means each bottle would last for a longer time period.

5. They leave the child’s skin soft, supple and hydrated for long.


There is nothing disappointing about the products that would keep me away from buying them the next time.

Mom’s Recommendations

When it comes to the precious skin of my kids, I surely do not want to compromise on any grounds. GAIA Natural Baby gives me all the reasons to be assured for an organic and gentle skin care for my babies. And so, I would surely recommend GAIA Natural Baby products to the fellow parents.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but the views and opinions expressed here are my own. I have personally used these products on my kids for over a period of a month. The review holds my honest opinions and personal experience of using the same.

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7 Tips For A Fun And Safe Road Trip With Kids

 This Is A Sponsored Post
One of the major changes that motherhood brings along is that all our impulsive travel plans change to a more scheduled and organized one. Isn’t it?

I remember our first road trip with kids involved great amount of planning and preparation on our part. From their safety to entertainment- we had to think about all the aspects. We had a huge checklist to follow and even though we were fully done with our packing a day in advance, we were still immensely nervous before hitting the road. We finally did manage to have a fun and successful road trip and that became our motivation to plan a second one soon.

Today I will be sharing with you some tips that worked for us. In case you are planning for a road trip with kids, you can refer to these to have a safe and hassle-free travel.

7 Tips For A Fun And Safe Road Trip With Kids

1Plan It Well

Proper planning is the key. Prepping for the trip in advance can help in more ways than one. You get sufficient time to arrange for all that you need for the travel. Try and schedule the time of the travel as per your child’s nap time. We chose to leave early in the morning hours when the kids were sleepy and the traffic on the road was bare minimum. That ways we could get some peaceful and uninterrupted drive time.

2. Invest In A Car Seat
Road trip with kids
Pic Credit-

Long road trips without a car seat is just not a wise idea. Car seats ensure both comfort and safety of the child. Before embarking on your journey make sure that the car seat is properly installed as per the instruction manual. Not all cars are car-seat friendly and so it’s important to get a car seat check done. You can refer to to understand the installation system based on your car model. Their certified expert technicians can help you understand the car’s Latch System and its ability to accommodate different types of car seats.

3. Safety Awareness

For a smooth sailing, ensure your car is in proper working order. Check the condition of the tyres, belts, battery, etc. If the car servicing is due, make sure to get it done before your trip. Carry all the emergency equipments like jumper cable, tools to change the tyre, flash lights etc. Also ensure that the child safety locks on the door are well activated.

4. Stop Regularly

Riding in the car for hours on end can be tiring and boring- both for you and the kids. Make sure you take timely breaks. Study the route of your destination carefully and know about the recommended pit stops. We specifically asked recommendations from friends of all the restaurants and locations that were child friendly.

5. Arrange For Kid’s Entertainment

You surely don’t want to mess up your drive with a cranky child. So keep him happy by engaging him in his favourite activity. Be it books or toys or games- keep everything handy. We downloaded some audio rhymes and stories that helped us to keep our kids entertained.

6. Snacks On Board

Pack plenty of drinks and snacks with you. Again keep them according to your child’s taste and liking. We carried homemade finger food, dry fruits, bananas, etc that were easy munching option. For younger kids you can keep powdered cereals that can be easily fed by mixing in some water. Also keep some disposable paper plates, spoons, bowls, tissues etc. Ensure that your child’s sippy cups/bottles are spillproof.

7. Pack Strategically

Categorize all the necessary items that you need during the travel and keep them handy in separate small bags. You can make one bag for snacks and drinks, one for extra pair of clothes, covering sheets, bibs, hat, first aid kit, essential medicines, etc. If you use diaper for your child then you can make a separate bag that just includes extra diapers, wipes, toiletries, disposable bags, etc.

Road trip with kids may sound a bit daunting but is actually great fun. A little pre-trip planning can go a long way in making your journey easy and memorable. The thumb rule for any travel is to ensure the comfort of the child. A comfortable and happy child would surely mean a peaceful and successful road trip.

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Gowns For Girls – 5 Perfect Party Styles For Your Little One

Choosing the perfect party clothing for kids isn’t easy. There are so many factors that we parents need to consider before finalizing a party attire. Be it the right colour or design or the comfort level of the child- we want our little one to look nothing but the best at any celebration. The world of online shopping provides a plethora of options for kid’s party wear. From formal suits for boy to gowns for girls– each category has so many styles and varieties available that it becomes overwhelming to choose one.

This festive season, I  wanted to beat the traditional gown look for my little one and go for something that’s stylish yet comfortable. Browsing through different shopping sites to choose the same, I came across five styles of gowns that look trendy and charming on young girls.

Presenting here a concise list of top 5 styles of gowns for girls that beat the traditional look and make for a perfect party attire.
1. Tutu dress

Gowns for girls

Tutu  dresses come in flares that not just look stylish but also mesmerizing. These dresses are available in different kinds of neck patterns, styles and bodice. From round necks to spaghetti to halter neck- you can choose any style in the colour of your choice. Team it up with a soft lace bow or a head band and make your little one look nothing less than a doll.

2. Gowns in Patterned Net 

Gowns for girls

Net is one fabric that never looks outdated. You can choose a patterned net outfit in various shades with smart neck designs. You can also attach a cotton or satin based lining depending upon the comfort of your child. These suit girls of all age groups and look perfect on all simple to formal occasions. Add some flares to the frock or pair it up with a casual blazer to make it look all the more charming.

3.Fit and Flare Gowns

Gowns for girls

Fit and Flare gowns for girls not just look classy but also give them a ‘princess’ feel. The zip closure, attached lining and flared bottom hem makes it easy for them to move around comfortably. You can style it up further with a detachable broach and trendy handbag for a complete party look.

4.Indo Western Fusion

Gowns for girls

Indo-western dresses are the most perfect pick for weddings or festive occasions. You can try A-line gowns in a simple free flowing fabric like satin. Team it up with a matching dupatta for a more fashionable look.

5.Embellished Maxi Dress 

Gowns for girls

Maxi dresses matched with a pair of ballerinas and a clutch always give a royal look and feel. With a straight hem and a tie-up at the back, these are comfortable, easy going pieces that can be worn on all occasions like birthday party or a formal outings.

These 5 styles of gowns never go out of fashion and make for a perfect outfit to suit different occasions. My favorite online shopping site for kids party wear is Myntra. It has a huge collection of gowns for girls with updated fashionable designs. You can find all these styles easily available on that site at varied price. Do check it out!

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DisclaimerThis is a sponsored post but the views and opinions expressed here are my own. 

Skola Toys- Rolling Car Slope : Learning Journey Through Motion

‘Learning Journey Designed As Play’ – Skola Toys

Kids are usually eager to learn about the world around them, and they have much to learn too. They easily get fascinated by every new shape, sound, colour that they see in their surroundings and it all adds to their learning experience.

As children grow they achieve various milestones. Each growing stage marks a certain set of skills that help in their overall development. Something that facilitates this and helps them to master those skills and traits are the learning toys.

There are very few companies that design toys keeping in consideration the age-wise learning capabilities of the child. One company that does consider this is SKOLA TOYS.  They consider learning as a journey and not just a destination. All their toys are educational and promote specific learning journeys that provide children an opportunity to play, explore, discover and learn.

We recently received a learning toy from Skola – Rolling Car Slope– that focuses on learning journey through motion. Children understand the basic concept of motion by seeing moving objects and learning the cause and effect of the movement. They also comprehend the idea of speed and force in the process.

About Skola Toys

Skola toys have been created by a team that has a wide and extensive experience in the Early Education. Inspired by Dr. Montessori, they promote the multi-sensory approach and offer toys that engage all the five senses of the child towards a single objective that significantly enhances learning. All Skola toys are natural and environment-friendly, made of wood sourced from renewable sources. Their toys are compliant with international standards of safety. Visit their site to have a look at their vast collection and the various learning journeys they promote through their wonderful toys. Click here!

About The Rolling Car Slope by Skola Toys

The Rolling Car Slope is the Stage 3 toy in the series of learning journey through motion.

Stage 1 includes toys like Cascade Cars which help the kids to learn the skill of tracking the moving object.

Stage 2 involves kids to learn the effect of applying force on the objects. It includes toys like Pull Along Shape Bus;

Stage 3 promotes the understanding of controlling speed and varying force. This in turn sets the basis of learning complex motion

Skola toys

The Rolling Car Slope toy involves building a grid of slopes to race miniature cars. The child has to place the cars on the top and push them to roll down at different speeds. This helps the child to learn the following-

1. Concentration– The process of cars rolling down the slopes helps kids to understand the effect of leaving cars with less or more force from the top. This helps to develop concentration and focus among them.

2. Visual Tracking Skills– Their visual tracking skill improves by following the movement of the car. This is a critical pre-reading skill and is also good for physical sports, at later age.

3. Motion Awareness– Kids understand the concept of speed, motion, force and time factor as they analyze the movements of the cars whizzing down. They simply understand the impact of their actions.

4. Fine-Motor Skills– Their fine motor skill is enhanced as they learn to place the cars,  move and stop them, etc.

Our Experience

Both Aarav and Aarohi have a deep penchant for cars and vehicles. So this toy was perfect to keep them excited and happily engaged. They loved tracking the moving cars and could almost spend hours playing with this toy. Every time the car would roll down they would rush to put it back on the top only to let it cascade down again. They would not even take their eyes off just to see how the cars move. I was quite surprised to see them playing patiently yet enthusiastically with this fabulous toy.

Skola toys

What we Liked About Skola Toys 

1. The toy reached to us in proper packaging.

2.  It came with a few colours and sticker sheets.

3. The toy was packed in a doodle box which kids could use for coloring.

4. This is a hundred percent wooden toy- durable and environment-friendly.

5. The toy doesn’t have any sharp edges. The corners are perfectly rolled out.

6. The slopes are of different colours, that makes the toy bright and attractive for the young eyes.

Do Note:

This is a bulky toy and requires assembly at home. It also contains small parts/screws and is meant for kids above the age of 2.5.

Price & Availability

The toy costs Rs 1745 and is available on Skola’s website. You can check more about the toy here.

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post. However the views and opinions expressed here are my own. I was sent this toy by the brand to use and share my experience. The review holds my honest opinion and personal experience of using the same for more than a month.

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Adventures In Farland By Moshank Relia: A Story That Sparks The Imagination

Adventures In Farland – ‘To all the children who have ever felt different’ 

Have you wondered how stories impact a brain of the child? How relevant are they in a child’s life?

The story children hear shapes their view of the world. It takes them to the land of fantasy, introduces them to some extraordinary characters and gives a freeway to their imagination. This not just enriches their mind but also helps them in understanding and dealing with their real life situations. It would not be wrong to say that introducing stories to children is vital for their growth and development.

Choosing a good story book for kids require some amount for thoughtfulness on the part of the parents. Kids usually enjoy reading books that have simple story line, familiar vocabulary and strong characters. Those that have attractive illustrations and pictures interest them too. All this helps to grab the attention of the child for long. One book that covers these factors and makes for an interesting and fun read for kids is Adventures In Farland by Moshank Relia.

About Adventures In Farland

The name of the book itself speaks about the story and the plot line. Meant for kids between the age of 6-15, this is the story of a young girl Mira and her adventures in the magical land of gnomes, giants, fairies and mermaids. Mira, along with her friends, is invited to the New Moon Party at Farland, a place that she has always heard about through her mother. As she sets out to enjoy the party at the magical place, she is confronted with lots of problems. Her two dear friends, Bira and Vira, turn into rats. She gets to know that the Queen Of Hills has decided to attack Farland by unleashing the Dragon Of Underhill on the same night of the party. Mira, being a brave and confident girl, decides to save Farland and help its people out. The rest of the story talks about Mira’s wit and courage in the way she saves this fantasy land.

Adventures In Farland

My Review:

The book includes a well-crafted story with elements of thrill and suspense. The narrative of the book is fast paced, and laced with regular twists and turns that is meant to keep the kids hooked till the last page. Each chapter begins with an illustration that hints about the story line.

What’s more interesting is that it is not just a story that entertains but also comes with different morals. Mira is portrayed as a beautiful young girl with a strong mind. She stands brave in the time of adversity and selflessly helps the people around. Her character gives a message of hope, strength and courage to the young minds. The narrative is well-thought and is sure to make the kids learn a few lessons of life.

Language and Characters

Mira stepped into the coach. There were all kinds of happy gnomes and fairies there. In another coach, there was a disarray of fat frogs. They were dressed in upmarket suits and lived a life of excess. Monkeys were dancing joyfully to jubilant music being played by weasels and rats. All the heads in the coaches were bobbing up and down to the rhythm of the music. The music flowed and changed—sharp and shrill, loud and low—so melodiously!…. “

The language of the book is simple and apt for the young reader. The author has used short sentences that are easy to read and understand. The vocabulary is enriching and is sure to make kids learn a few new words. The mind-expanding narrative and the descriptive tone would help the children to vividly imagine the scenes of Farland.

Adventures In Farland

The mystical characters introduced in the story are unique yet relatable. Characters like Starhead, Bushy , Saltman- add some fun element to the story, making it as a light-hearted and entertaining read.

Price & Availability

The paperback book is priced at Rs 150 and will be available on Amazon after 19th October, 2017. You can read more about the book on the author’s Facebook page here.

About the Author

Moshank is an English literature graduate holding certificates in creative writing, theatre and sketching. He is passionate about photography and trekking, and has even tramped upon the high-altitude ranges of Himalayas. His penchant for adventure, affection for kids and a wide-range of creative experiences made him delve into the realm of kid’s fiction and write creative stories for children.

Adventures In Farland makes for an exciting and incredible read for the kids. The imagination and creativity that the author has lend to the story, is commendable. I would like to thank Moshank for personally sending me the manuscript and giving an opportunity to review his book.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but the views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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Rentoys : Practice Toy Minimalism Without Compromising On Fun

‘Give Your Kids The Best Play Experience’- Rentoys

Toys play an important role in the overall development of the child. They spark their imagination, build curiosity and engage their senses. Kids share a great love for toys. However, they also get bored with the same toy over a period. As they grow, their interests and liking change and so it’s important to provide them the toys that best suit their age.

Parents always want to buy all the toys that help their child learn and grow. However, it’s not practically feasible. Buying toys frequently is a costly affair. Apart from digging a hole in the pocket, they also add to the problem of ‘toy clutter’. Arranging, managing and sorting these toys add to a parent’s daily struggle.

As a mother of two growing toddlers, I am always on a look out for some convenient options in educational toys that match their changing interests, provide them with variety and yet maintain absolute minimalism. And so, the idea of renting toys through reliable sites like sounds perfect to me.


Rentoys is a toy rental service that provides subscription based play boxes on monthly basis. Founded with a mission to help parents optimize their investment and choose the best age-appropriate toys for their kids, it aims at providing the best educational toys to parents at affordable prices via renting.

How It Works

Rentoys works on monthly subscription basis. You can subscribe to their monthly plan and select up to 5 toys for your child. Their plans include two types of subscription boxes– a big box which contains 3 -5 toys or a small box containing 2-3 toys. Each play box contains premium quality learning toys worth a minimum of Rs 5000. At the end of one month, a pick-up is arranged to collect the box and a new box is delivered. Their monthly rental starts as low as Rs 599. To know more about their pricing and service, check their site here.

What’s Unique About Rentoys
  1. They include good quality, award-winning toys carefully chosen from different parts of the world.
  2. Their collection includes educational toys that promote skill development and STEM-based learning.
  3. The toys are cleansed, with a 3-step safe cleaning method (which includes steaming, sanitizing and drying). They are shrink-wrapped and properly packed before they are delivered at your doorsteps.
  4. They do not involve monthly commitment. We can choose to skip a month or unsubscribe based on our convenience.
  5. They do not charge for regular wear and tear.
  6. They deliver toys all over India.
  7. Their service is quick and prompt. They have an easy live chat facility that readily handles customer query.
  8. Their site also has a detailed FAQ section that answers all the queries a parent would have on renting the toys. Read the FAQ here.
My Experience

Imagine how your kids would react on seeing a big box full of toys that’s come especially for them. Excited, right? Aarav and Aarohi too, couldn’t contain their excitement.

We had received a big box from Rentoys last month. Out of the five toys that I chose for them based on their interest and liking, we received four. All the toys reached to us in good working condition. They were properly packed and did not have evident signs of excessive wear and tear.


Here’s what we received:

1. Fantasia Blocks TrainAarav and Aarohi love everything about cars and trains. So, this set of wooden blocks on wagons was their favourite. They found its bright colours and patterns very attractive. This toy helped in developing their motor skills and imagination.

2. Leapfrog Laptop: Aarav and Aarohi always see their mummy and papa working on the laptop, and so they were super excited to have one of their own. This is a musical laptop, with different features like games, messages etc. This toy not just kept them engaged for hours but also helped them to learn a few new alphabets and words.


3. Spin Again: This toy is visually stimulating given to its bright dual coloured discs. Aarav and Aarohi would drop these discs on the threaded corkscrew pole and would get enthralled seeing them spin. Made of BPA free plastic, this toy encouraged hand-eye coordination.

4. Lego Car and Truck Set: This set of colourful bricks and wheels was fun and easy on hands. Aarav-Aarohi did not need much of my help to build and create new vehicles. Made of eco-friendly material, this was a perfect toy to stimulate their creativity and encourage role play.


We were very happy with the services of Rentoys. Here’s what impressed us the most-

  1. The toys came in big and sturdy carton box that was well sealed.
  2. All the toys were bubbled wrapped and neatly packed.
  3. The toys were clean and as good as new.
  4. They also provided an inventory with the list of toys and number of pieces that came with each toy.
  5. Their service was quick and prompt. The toys reached to us within 4 days.
  6. They send reminders of reverse pick-up well in advance giving you enough time for packaging.
  7. They also provide all the necessary material required to pack the box like tape, bubble wrap etc.

Their service left me satisfied. There was nothing disappointing about the toys that I received.

Mom’s Recommendation

I would surely recommend to all the parents. It’s a site that, along with perfect service, ensures a great collection of learning toys at affordable prices. Parents can now bid adieu to the problem of clutter and save a huge sum, simply by renting the best quality educational toys.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, the views and opinions shared here are my own. I am writing this honest review after personally using their service for a period of one month.

Do you like the idea of renting toys ? Do share your view in the comments below?

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