7 Tips For A Fun And Safe Road Trip With Kids

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One of the major changes that motherhood brings along is that all our impulsive travel plans change to a more scheduled and organized one. Isn’t it?

I remember our first road trip with kids involved great amount of planning and preparation on our part. From their safety to entertainment- we had to think about all the aspects. We had a huge checklist to follow and even though we were fully done with our packing a day in advance, we were still immensely nervous before hitting the road. We finally did manage to have a fun and successful road trip and that became our motivation to plan a second one soon.

Today I will be sharing with you some tips that worked for us. In case you are planning for a road trip with kids, you can refer to these to have a safe and hassle-free travel.

7 Tips For A Fun And Safe Road Trip With Kids

1Plan It Well

Proper planning is the key. Prepping for the trip in advance can help in more ways than one. You get sufficient time to arrange for all that you need for the travel. Try and schedule the time of the travel as per your child’s nap time. We chose to leave early in the morning hours when the kids were sleepy and the traffic on the road was bare minimum. That ways we could get some peaceful and uninterrupted drive time.

2. Invest In A Car Seat
Road trip with kids
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Long road trips without a car seat is just not a wise idea. Car seats ensure both comfort and safety of the child. Before embarking on your journey make sure that the car seat is properly installed as per the instruction manual. Not all cars are car-seat friendly and so it’s important to get a car seat check done. You can refer to cars.com to understand the installation system based on your car model. Their certified expert technicians can help you understand the car’s Latch System and its ability to accommodate different types of car seats.

3. Safety Awareness

For a smooth sailing, ensure your car is in proper working order. Check the condition of the tyres, belts, battery, etc. If the car servicing is due, make sure to get it done before your trip. Carry all the emergency equipments like jumper cable, tools to change the tyre, flash lights etc. Also ensure that the child safety locks on the door are well activated.

4. Stop Regularly

Riding in the car for hours on end can be tiring and boring- both for you and the kids. Make sure you take timely breaks. Study the route of your destination carefully and know about the recommended pit stops. We specifically asked recommendations from friends of all the restaurants and locations that were child friendly.

5. Arrange For Kid’s Entertainment

You surely don’t want to mess up your drive with a cranky child. So keep him happy by engaging him in his favourite activity. Be it books or toys or games- keep everything handy. We downloaded some audio rhymes and stories that helped us to keep our kids entertained.

6. Snacks On Board

Pack plenty of drinks and snacks with you. Again keep them according to your child’s taste and liking. We carried homemade finger food, dry fruits, bananas, etc that were easy munching option. For younger kids you can keep powdered cereals that can be easily fed by mixing in some water. Also keep some disposable paper plates, spoons, bowls, tissues etc. Ensure that your child’s sippy cups/bottles are spillproof.

7. Pack Strategically

Categorize all the necessary items that you need during the travel and keep them handy in separate small bags. You can make one bag for snacks and drinks, one for extra pair of clothes, covering sheets, bibs, hat, first aid kit, essential medicines, etc. If you use diaper for your child then you can make a separate bag that just includes extra diapers, wipes, toiletries, disposable bags, etc.

Road trip with kids may sound a bit daunting but is actually great fun. A little pre-trip planning can go a long way in making your journey easy and memorable. The thumb rule for any travel is to ensure the comfort of the child. A comfortable and happy child would surely mean a peaceful and successful road trip.

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