Fade Away Sleep Sounds : Putting Baby to Sleep Is No More A Struggle

Perhaps, one of the hardest things for parents of new born kids is to put their baby to sleep. What if I tell you there is something that can make your life easy and help you in this regard? Read on….

As a new parent, our natural instinct is to follow all the traditional, tried and tested methods of parenting. We usually think twice before trying something new. Sometimes a relatively new approach can really make a lot of difference.

When my twins- Aarav and Aarohi were born, amongst the many challenges that I faced, the biggest one was putting them to sleep. Like all other babies, they would feel insecure and want to be in my arms all the time. They would get disturbed with the slightest of noise like a knock on the door or ringing of the bell. And sometimes if one of them would wake up crying, the other one too would have his eyes wide open. In those days, I was always shunting between the two babies, patting one to sleep, putting him down, taking the other, rocking and singing for her only to find the first one awake. And the cycle would go on all night.

I followed all the traditional techniques to put my babies to sleep like patting, rocking, swaddling, singing, etc and never really thought of something new. If only I knew then that there is one more method which is easier and equally successful- using the white noise sounds.

Does it happen that your otherwise crying baby suddenly gets calm listening to a particular sound like that of a washing machine or a hair dryer? Does it happen that your baby sleeps instantly in a noisy environment that’s full of hustle and bustle? Ever wonder why? That’s because they are naturally used to such a noisy environment.

The Logic Behind White Noise

White noise refers to the specific sounds that replicates the sounds of nature. These are the sounds from our everyday environment that help babies fall asleep.

Don’t we usually make a loud ‘shushing’ sound to calm a crying baby? That shushing sound is nothing else but a kind of a white noise that we make our self.

I know putting a baby to sleep with a loud noise may sound counter-intuitive,. But there is science behind this.  It is believed that the womb is a deafeningly loud space. When in womb, babies get accustomed to the loud noise and form an emotional connection with the same. A completely quiet environment outside the womb  can have an opposite effect on them especially when it comes to sleep. That’s when sounds of white noise, may help babies to feel calm and comforted.

The white noise sounds help reducing stress in the babies enabling them to fall asleep easily. The world outside the womb is quite stimulating for them which they are not usually able to handle. White noise, in a way, creates a safe space for babies by blocking out that stimulation.

Fade Away Sleep Sounds

Fade Away Sleep Sounds are white noise sounds that uses high quality recordings produced by nature along with ones generated from common household appliances. These sleep sounds include Baby Sleep Sounds meant for putting young babies to sleep, and Non-Baby Sleep Sounds which are meant for relaxation purposes for both kids and adults.

Fade Away Sleep Sounds include:

Fade Away Sleep Sounds


Baby Sleep Sounds – Sounds like that of a ‘bath tub’ or ‘car ride’

Nature Sleep Sounds – Sounds of a ‘rushing river’ or ‘ ocean roar’

Life Sounds – Sounds of an ‘electric fan’ or a ‘train on track’

Musical Sounds – Sounds like ‘seaside serenity’ or ‘rainy day relaxation’

These sounds can be purchased individually as well as in a package. Check the various packages and offers that are available on their site here.


Key Features:

Fade Away Sleep Sounds has some interesting features that make them unique from other white noise sounds.

1, All Fade Away Sleep Sounds are about 60 minutes long with the final 10 minutes being a slow, gradual fade to silence.

2. .They include a range of sounds- from that of a vacuum cleaner to the ocean roar to sweet rain drops. So parents can actually choose from a variety of tracks and see what works for their baby.

3. Since the length of the track is fairly long, it doesn’t require one track to run on loop.

4. As a parent, while I would want to resort to these sounds that would help to put my baby to sleep, I would also worry about my baby getting dependent upon it. Fade Away Sleep Sounds addresses this concern of parents. All the tracks are designed in such a way that they not just help the babies to sleep easily but also wean them off it at the same time. The subtle fade away to silence at the end of the tracks helps in that regard.

5. The Non-Baby Sounds are as much soothing for adults as they are for kids.

6. Some of the musical tracks are not just meant for the purpose of sleep, but are also ideal for meditation, yoga, massage and relaxation for adults.

Factors to Keep In Mind While Using Fade Away Sleep Sounds

  1. White noise sounds should be loud enough to mask the unwanted sound. However the maximum recommended volume is 50 db and it shouldn’t be louder than that.
  2. The device in use should be kept at a distance from the baby (at least 6 inches)
  3. Don’t use white noise all day long. Use it only when your are putting your baby to bed.

I listened to a few Fade Away Sleep Sound tracks recently and found some of them as very soothing and calming. Well, what’s better than such sound tracks that not just calm a baby but also help an over-stressed parent?

I would recommend trying out Fade Away Sleep Sounds to all new parents. Play a few tracks and see which one works for your baby. I am sure this will put a rest to your struggle.

Want to know more about Fade Away Sleep Sounds ? Check this video.


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126 thoughts on “Fade Away Sleep Sounds : Putting Baby to Sleep Is No More A Struggle

  1. Very informative ! 😀
    This explains how my baby could sleep very well when we’re going out rather than inside our room.
    The next time I’ll find it hard to lull my children to sleep, I know what to do.

  2. Fade away sleep sounds seems to be such a nice concept. Even I had to use music to put my daughter to sleep. That usually used to be a movie song or a Lori. But these natural sounds seems like a better way to.put a child to sleep. Lovely description of the product on ur post.

  3. I have used white noise for first couple of months for my baby to put him back to sleep when he used to get up at night every 2 hours but it sometimes worked and sometimes not. But I completely forgot about it later, now reading your post I think I will again try to introduce this concept and see how well it works now. Thanks for writing about this!

  4. It is a lovely concept… in older days our grandparents use music and that to soft music.. but now we have different sounds that help soothe the child… would definitely recommend new moms

  5. What a lovely concept. I completely see why babies feel soothed due to the sleep sounds. It must remind them of the safety of mommys womb. Truly a product for all new parents.

    1. Hi Motheropedia,
      This is Kevin of Fade Away Sleep Sounds. Typically white noise for baby sleep is best for infants 0-6 months. The older they get, the more comfortable they start getting with the way our world outside the womb sounds. However, I have had clients say that white noise worked for their kids who were as old as 18 months. As you know, every child is different, so you never know, but typically, it’s more geared to young children.
      If you have any other questions or thoughts, you can always email me at kevin@fadeawaysleepsounds.com.
      Have a great day!

  6. Wow i never heard about these sounds that helps a baby to go sleep. My son also take much time to go to his sound sleep. Even i feel sleepy but he doesn’t. It’s very need thing for me. Will try this white noise for him.

  7. Actually I have used this ..my baby used to sleep with the sound of rushing river many a times …though I was unaware of the fact that this is something known as white noise.
    This is actually not just soothing for the babies ..but even pregnant mommies who find it difficult going to sleep and have thoughts running around their minds (talking with experience) . Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  8. I remember reading about white noises and also sued some apps that helped put my then months old to sleep. But a lovely share for many new parents struggling with making their babies sleep

  9. I wish I’d read this when my children were toddlers. I had such a hard time getting them to sleep and with twins each of who had a different sleep pattern, it was a crazy few years before they settled down.

  10. This article is very useful. I never thought this way. As a usual practise I used to make them sleep in a quiet and dark room as we would sleep. By nature, my daughter never slept in any condition and my son slept in every condition.

  11. I am so glad I never faced any issue raising my child. He has been so kind to us that he has slept when we used to sleep and got up as soon as we did. We have often seen cases of children being awake the whole night and then sleeping the whole following day. The parents of course go about with drowsy and sleepy eyes to office and work. Nice and informative post which will help parents definitely. Thanks for sharing.


  12. This is something I have never heardf of before. If only I had known about this before. I really had a hard ti,e putting my daughter to sleep. But i will share this with my cousin as she is raising twins too right now and this will be helpful.

  13. Have heard a lot about white noise. But I couldn’t try because my mom didn’t let me. I will keep our tips in mind for future 🙂

  14. I wish I had known about this site and the various sounds one can purchase when Karma was a baby. We used to search and play 8-10 hour long white noise audios from youtube and keep the laptop on the study table and Karma used to sleep in her cot. Fade away would have been a much more convenient option. I’ll def recommend to my new mom friends.

  15. Even I too have heard about whitenoise being effective to soothe down babies. Glad parents dont have to struggle anymore to put their babies to sleep.

  16. Wow, this is awesome. I wish I new about it when my toddler was an infant. I am definitely going to recommend this to my friends who are soon going to be mom.

  17. This is very helpful especially for new parents. It’s a new concept but certainly helpful. Sleep is very important to promote growth in children. It is very important that children should be sleep trained from a very early age.

  18. I have loved reading everyone’s comments. If you have any questions about white noise or Fade Away Sleep Sounds. please don’t hesitate to send me a note… I am happy to help if I can. (kevin@fadeawaysleepsounds.com)

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