Coffee Date: Recreating Memories Of Our First Meeting

If we were having coffee, we would have recreated old memories of our first meeting at the famous Barista venue.

Today’s prompt for The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 took me down the memory lane. Ten years back, me and my husband met for the first time over a cup of coffee at Barista. We were virtual friends since long. But one day we randomly decided to meet. Our colleges just happened to be next to each other and so we planned to meet at a café most nearest to our college.

June’ 2007

We both thought coffee is the best way to start a conversation that can probably mark a new chapter in our life. With high hopes, we met at the venue. Sitting comfortably at the most peaceful corner, we discussed about our subjects and college; and also how we both bunked our lecture for that special coffee date.

We started sharing stories about ourselves and our families. To know each other better we even shared our likings and interests. From favourite novels to authors, favourite singers to actors, favourite colour to cuisine, we happened to discuss everything. At the end of it all, we realised that we were totally opposite to each other. Our liking and interests were different. It was difficult for us to find a common ground.

Having realised that there came a moment of silence. For a few minutes we had no topic to talk about. Has it ever happened to you that while during a virtual communication with a friend you have loads to share, but when you meet in person you go out of ideas and topics to discuss ? Something similar happened with us that day. We reached a moment of awkward silence.

To break the ice, he then offered me the menu. ‘Coffee?’, he asked. ‘Which one would you like to have?’ Feeling awkward again, I told him ‘Thank You! But I don’t drink coffee.’ To which he was surprised. Putting the menu back, he asked ‘Really?’. I replied, ‘ Yes, I am sorry I should have mentioned this when we decided on the venue’. He relaxed back on his chair, smirked a little and then said, ‘Don’t be! Even I don’t like coffee, or tea for that matter. Never had one in my life!’ Smiling on this similarity, we then settled for a chocolate pastry which happened to be our favourite.

We finally could find our common ground. With that one similarity, things simply clicked and we became fond of each other, so much so that we married few years later.

If today we were having coffee, we would have recalled the cherished moments of our first meeting and would have smiled thinking how coffee started a new beginning, even when none of us really liked having one.

 I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 . This post is based on Day 7’s prompt- ‘If we were having coffee’. You can also read my post on Day 6’s prompt- Featuring Sulbha Bathwal: A Mother Who Believes In Raising Her Twins The Montessori Way

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