Hilarious Questions I am Asked As A Mother Of Twins

As a mum of twins, I do not feel any less than a celebrity every time I step out of my house. Thanks to all the glares, smiles and attention me and my kids get from the strangers around. While some eyes look at me reassuringly almost saying ‘you are blessed’, other brazen ones simply look inquisitive as if they want to do an entire research on the history of twins. I try my best to avoid communicating with the latter ones. But failing most of the times, I find myself fielding against their chain of questions.

Here is a glimpse of some such remarks or questions along with a few answers that resound in my mind behind that typical ‘social smile’.

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SheInspires: Meet the 8 Women Behind ISRO’s Mars Mission

They are passionate. They are hardworking. They are strong. They are the women of science who took ‘the space’ by a storm.

Meet the 8 women who spearheaded the ISRO’s Mars Mission. Working behind the scene, away from the limelight, these brilliant and unassuming women have put their heart and soul into creating a space history for India, thereby making the nation proud.

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Why We Tolerate That Corner Office Frog: Most Of The Cases Of Sexual Harassment Are Not Reported

Reacting to the rising incidents of sexual harassment faced by women at workplace, Twinkle Khanna has some relevant points to make in her recent blog, ‘Hey, corner office frog, keep that sticky tongue to yourself’.

To come to think of it, for a woman any experience of sexual assault or harassment is not just daunting but also shattering to an extent that it forms for her most chilling memory. And facing such an experience at the workplace is all the more harrowing.

While scrolling through Mrs. Khanna’s blog, I was overwhelmed by multiple thoughts that made me ponder about the possible reasons that hinder women from reporting such cases of sexual abuse at workplace.

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I Am A Homemaker And Also A Feminist

One of the most talked about terms these days is Feminism. While many women claim to be feminist, not all know what its real meaning entails. I was absolutely baffled when while sharing my views on this topic with my friend, I was cut short by her saying, ‘you are a Housewife, you should be the least one talking about Feminism’! Her light remarks failed to amuse me and got me thinking seriously, Does being a housewife make me any less of a feminist? 

Read my take on being a ‘Feminist Homemaker’ here:

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A Leader Who Solves The Problems Of Ordinary Indians- in 140 characters or Less

Isn’t the mere thought that the country’s foreign minister can be approached via a ‘tweet’ very empowering? In case you find yourself in a stressful situation abroad, all you need is to send a tweet to this minister. Not just will you be assured of a quick response but would also get immediate help. That’s how the current External Affairs Minister,  Sushma Swaraj likes to work.

Read about this leader who is an inspiration for many.

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7 Delightfully Hilarious Female Stand-up Comedians Of The Country

Making people laugh is no more just a men’s game. There is a whole lot of funny, peppy and confident women who with their tongue-in-cheek remarks can make people laugh their guts out. Presenting the female side to humor, the stand-up game of these witty and smart women is spot on.

Here are seven sterling female comedians who are creating a new benchmark in the world of stand-up comedy.

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Empowering Ways To Compliment A Woman

Were you at the receiving end of a ‘scorn’ when you complimented your colleague on “How cute she looks” ? And you thought your compliment will get you in her good books.

When it comes to women, complimenting is an art which varies based on the relationship that you have with the women, and the setting. Like you can never call a woman ‘sexy’ in office, remember what happened at TVF… A compliment given at the wrong hour for a wrong reason with a wrong intention never sounds relevant and true. Hence always be mindful of ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ to compliment.

Read my article on the essential tips that you should keep in mind while praising a woman. These will get your compliment game on lock.

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The Change

As mothers, while we enjoy the daily monotony, there comes a point when ‘change’ is all that we need. Sometimes we are rejuvenated by something new happening in life and sometimes we feel overpowered by the same,  so much so that it leaving us incapable of how to deal with life. Life throws both the situations at us and it’s tricky how to handle both.

Life keeps changing at every step and it’s tough to ignore the transition that we face. Whether we love it or detest it- we really can’t avoid it.  So in order to live fully, be happy and at peace,  it’s best to accept life as it comes our way.

Here is a small poetic attempt with a simple yet meaningful message- ’embrace the change that is an inevitable part of life’.



Change is not static, it’s eternal:
The Cosmos, the Time and Us
It occurs with every breath
Neither does it have any death.

From past to present to future 
Change has been a great tutor
It teaches a new lesson everyday
Not always easily but also the hard way.

Some people are all agog over change
They take it to be a part of life
They welcome it with open arms
They think, it causes no harm.

However, some are sceptic 
They really don’t accept it
They think they can fight against the tide
And can change the course of ‘change’ coming in their stride.

But Beware!
It’s force is inevitable 
It’s spirit is unconquerable 
No one can defy its power
Its impact is felt every hour.

So better not escape, but deal with it
Before it clenches you, embrace it
Smile it its face, simply laugh away
Enjoy life in ‘change’, live it this way.

Pic Credit: www.se-depasser.com


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