Do Not Sacrifice For Your Kids: Simply Live and Let Live

I recently met an old friend who was working in an MNC since past 5 years. She suddenly had to quit her job given to her new role as a mother. While she was happily flipping the pages of this new chapter of her life, she was equally unhappy for ending a previous one that involved a well-meaning job, earning her a six-digit salary. With utmost sympathy and concern, I was all ears to her super-heroic story of the nine hour long labour and the sleepless nights thereafter, until she mentioned one last line. She ended by looking at her two months old daughter and saying “I hope when she grows up, she realizes what all changes we made in our life just to raise her up. All my sacrifices would be worth it, then.”

This one nomenclature got me thinking. Not only did I realize how big the terminology is but also how it tends to impact both the mother and the child.

As a parent myself, I want to implore all mothers to think on a few lines before ever ‘sacrificing’ for your kids.

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Do Not Sacrifice For Your Kids: Simply Live and Let Live


17 thoughts on “Do Not Sacrifice For Your Kids: Simply Live and Let Live

  1. I read the whole blog at mrigaa Charu.. U won’t ever get a bigger follower of this thought than me
    I strongly strongly believe.. our life is our problem and raising the kids is our decision
    There is and should not ever be a deed done with a greed of getting the pay back
    Lovey post

  2. You said it right Charu, if becoming a parent was a conscious decision taken by us then we shouldn’t be using the word sacrifice for whatever we do for our kids.

  3. Charu, you have touched the deepest of my chords. Sometimes when troubled by my kids, I used to have this depressing feeling within me. And I had to keep reminding me that it was my choice to have them. Very beautifully written.

  4. Well written post. Motherhood is a choice, a happiness and lot more but definitely not sacrifice.

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