A Visual Lens That Breaks Various Gender Stereotypes

Pink for girls and blue for boys- How many times did you end up dressing your kid this way?

Gender stereotype is a reality that’s ingrained in many cultures. While they shape the beliefs and attitudes through which kids are raised, they also limit them into specific roles. Well, not all girls love dolls and not all boys play sports.

Shattering some of these gender stereotypes, Kirsten McGoey of Trinity Design in Whitby, Ontario shows multiple ways in which ‘boys can be boys’ through her powerful photo series #aboycantoo. Letting young men to choose what they want to be and follow their heart, the series includes candid pictures of boys who wear hair accessories, or love dolls, or enjoy figure skating, etc.


Have a look at some of the pictures that present ‘boyhood’ through a refreshingly different lens.

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