Do Not Sacrifice For Your Kids: Simply Live and Let Live

I recently met an old friend who was working in an MNC since past 5 years. She suddenly had to quit her job given to her new role as a mother. While she was happily flipping the pages of this new chapter of her life, she was equally unhappy for ending a previous one that involved a well-meaning job, earning her a six-digit salary. With utmost sympathy and concern, I was all ears to her super-heroic story of the nine hour long labour and the sleepless nights thereafter, until she mentioned one last line. She ended by looking at her two months old daughter and saying “I hope when she grows up, she realizes what all changes we made in our life just to raise her up. All my sacrifices would be worth it, then.”

This one nomenclature got me thinking. Not only did I realize how big the terminology is but also how it tends to impact both the mother and the child.

As a parent myself, I want to implore all mothers to think on a few lines before ever ‘sacrificing’ for your kids.

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Do Not Sacrifice For Your Kids: Simply Live and Let Live


7 Reasons To Use Menstrual Cup Apart From It Being Eco-friendly

There are a number of options in the ‘sanitary product world’ to tame the monthly mess that a woman faces, menstrual cups being one such invention. Designed to provide comfort, these bell-shaped, flexible silicone-cups are a great alternative to the more popular sanitary napkins and tampons. Apart from being healthy and environment friendly they offer a heap of awesome benefits.

For those who are finding it difficult to make a switch from the traditional pads and tampons, here are a few reasons that would convince you that menstrual cups are a far better choice. And of course they are eco-friendly too!

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A Visual Lens That Breaks Various Gender Stereotypes

Pink for girls and blue for boys- How many times did you end up dressing your kid this way?

Gender stereotype is a reality that’s ingrained in many cultures. While they shape the beliefs and attitudes through which kids are raised, they also limit them into specific roles. Well, not all girls love dolls and not all boys play sports.

Shattering some of these gender stereotypes, Kirsten McGoey of Trinity Design in Whitby, Ontario shows multiple ways in which ‘boys can be boys’ through her powerful photo series #aboycantoo. Letting young men to choose what they want to be and follow their heart, the series includes candid pictures of boys who wear hair accessories, or love dolls, or enjoy figure skating, etc.


Have a look at some of the pictures that present ‘boyhood’ through a refreshingly different lens.

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Hilarious Questions I am Asked As A Mother Of Twins

As a mum of twins, I do not feel any less than a celebrity every time I step out of my house. Thanks to all the glares, smiles and attention me and my kids get from the strangers around. While some eyes look at me reassuringly almost saying ‘you are blessed’, other brazen ones simply look inquisitive as if they want to do an entire research on the history of twins. I try my best to avoid communicating with the latter ones. But failing most of the times, I find myself fielding against their chain of questions.

Here is a glimpse of some such remarks or questions along with a few answers that resound in my mind behind that typical ‘social smile’.

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SheInspires: Meet the 8 Women Behind ISRO’s Mars Mission

They are passionate. They are hardworking. They are strong. They are the women of science who took ‘the space’ by a storm.

Meet the 8 women who spearheaded the ISRO’s Mars Mission. Working behind the scene, away from the limelight, these brilliant and unassuming women have put their heart and soul into creating a space history for India, thereby making the nation proud.

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Why We Tolerate That Corner Office Frog: Most Of The Cases Of Sexual Harassment Are Not Reported

Reacting to the rising incidents of sexual harassment faced by women at workplace, Twinkle Khanna has some relevant points to make in her recent blog, ‘Hey, corner office frog, keep that sticky tongue to yourself’.

To come to think of it, for a woman any experience of sexual assault or harassment is not just daunting but also shattering to an extent that it forms for her most chilling memory. And facing such an experience at the workplace is all the more harrowing.

While scrolling through Mrs. Khanna’s blog, I was overwhelmed by multiple thoughts that made me ponder about the possible reasons that hinder women from reporting such cases of sexual abuse at workplace.

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I Am A Homemaker And Also A Feminist

One of the most talked about terms these days is Feminism. While many women claim to be feminist, not all know what its real meaning entails. I was absolutely baffled when while sharing my views on this topic with my friend, I was cut short by her saying, ‘you are a Housewife, you should be the least one talking about Feminism’! Her light remarks failed to amuse me and got me thinking seriously, Does being a housewife make me any less of a feminist? 

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A Leader Who Solves The Problems Of Ordinary Indians- in 140 characters or Less

Isn’t the mere thought that the country’s foreign minister can be approached via a ‘tweet’ very empowering? In case you find yourself in a stressful situation abroad, all you need is to send a tweet to this minister. Not just will you be assured of a quick response but would also get immediate help. That’s how the current External Affairs Minister,  Sushma Swaraj likes to work.

Read about this leader who is an inspiration for many.

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