Tips To Ensure Right Nutrition For Kids In Summer #TimeToGrow

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Summer is here! With soaring temperatures and kids spending a lot of time outdoors, the chances of them losing their appetite and feeling completely drained out are quite high. So, here are some useful tips that you can follow to ensure right nutrition for kids this summer.

I see a visible drop in my kids’ appetite during summers. In fact, at times they become averse to the mere sight of food. As much I blame my imperfect cooking skills for the same, I realize it’s actually the relentless summer heat that’s the cause of the problem.

Children are usually energetic and active, and they end up expending a lot more energy than what they take in. Add to that, the scorching heat, incessant sweating, and dehydration lead to children feeling exhausted all the time. It thus becomes imperative to ensure right nutrition for kids that can help to fuel their daily level of energy.

Tips To Ensure Right Nutrition For Kids In Summer

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Nutrition plays a major role in the physical and mental development of kids. I recently attended a bloggers meet facilitated by Abbott’s PediaSure that highlighted the same and talked about balanced nutrition for kids. Renowned celebs Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupati embraced the event and shared their insights on summer parenting and healthy eating habits to ensure summers are a good #timetogrow. Dr. Indu Khosla, Practicing Pediatrician at Cloudnine Hospital and Dr Eileen Canday, Expert Nutritionist from H. N Reliance Foundation Hospital shared some great tips on how to ensure a healthy diet for kids.

Right Nutrition For Kids In Summer

The event also witnessed the launch of the new Cookies and Cream Flavor’ by Pediasure that provides complete balanced nutrition for children above 2 years. It contains 37 vital nutrients that help in improving height, weight and add to the brain development of kids. Consistent use of this supplement reduces the chances of infection and ensures 50 percent more growth. Given its health benefits, it makes for just the right product needed for kids during summers.

Tips On Right Nutrition For Kids In Summer

Sharing here some tips and insights from the event on how to ensure right nutrition for kids in summer:

1.Present Healthier Choices
When it comes to healthy diet for kids, we parents need to be smart. The best way to go is to expose kids to a healthier version of their favorite food. Replace the greasy French fries with baked sweet potatoes, cola with aam pannas, etc.

2. Include fresh fruits and veggies in your child’s daily diet
Fresh fruits and vegetables are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and healthy fibers. Summer fruits like watermelon, berries, melon, etc are high in water content and help in replenishing the body’s water needs.

3. Introduce Fresh Fruit Juices
If your child doesn’t like cut fruits, try fruit juices. Prefer preparing fresh juice at home, instead of relying on the packaged ones that contains unnecessary preservatives.

4. Be innovative with milk
Milk is the essential source of calcium which is a must for kids. Instead of plain milk, try giving kids flavored milk, milkshake or smoothies. Use the ‘Cookies and Cream’ flavored Pediasure to try some innovative recipes. During the event which I attended, talented Kids’ Chef Khicha shared some really cool recipes of milkshakes, cookie shots or ice-creams that we can try using this supplement for. Since it’s loaded with the right nutrients, it makes for a tasty and healthy drink that’s bound to be a hit among kids.

5. Try Curd and Yogurt
Nothing better than curd or yogurt to beat the scorching summer heat. These contain probiotics that help in digestion and keep the body cool from within. Choose a plain yogurt and top it up with fresh fruits or honey.

6. Prepare easy-to-digest food
Avoid heavy, oily meal for kids during summers especially right before they venture out in the sun. This may leave them with nausea or uneasiness. Instead plan a simple, easy-to-digest food like dal-rice, etc and include a good serving of salad with cucumber, tomatoes, etc which are rich in water.

7. Increase the intake of water
Water is essential and it’s intake should be increased in summers. It helps to replenish the fluid level of body and prevents dehydration and fatigue. Always carry a water bottle for your child when outdoors.

8. Be creative with food
As important as it is to serve the right food it is equally important to present it in the right way. Children love food when presented in an interesting manner.

Tips To Ensure Right Nutrition For Kids In Summer

During the #TimeToGrow Event Lara Dutta mentioned, that she tries to be creative with the meals she prepares for her daughter and sneaks in all the healthy ingredients while making the food attractive! That’s one good way to deal with a fussy child.

9. Do not force feed the child
Never force the child to eat if he resists. Do not panic if the he doesn’t like the dish at all or wants to give up after two bites. Expert pediatrician Dr Indu mentioned during the event that it takes around 8-25 attempts for a child to develop a taste of any new food. So give your child some time and keep trying creative and innovative recipes.

A healthy diet has a profound effect on the overall growth and development of the child. Eating well leads to healthy weight gain, reduces the chances of obesity and inculcates healthy eating habits that help in the long run. Do not let the hot weather impact the health of your kids. Make right nutritional choices and let the season of summers be the perfect #TimeToGrow for kids.

Did you like these tips on right nutrition for kids in summer ? Do you have additional tips to share. Leave us a comment below.

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  1. Pratibha says:

    Very well captured! As a mother I so relate to these struggles. Love your tips.

  2. Great Write-up Charu!
    Very informational… and great tips too to beat the heat.

  3. Ruchie says:

    Such a great tips you shared and being a mom I can feel and relate so much ..Look like a great event

  4. They are really great tips for summer and its really important to make your kids hydrated #TimeToGrow

  5. Sneha says:

    You have covered all the points very well thank you for sharing such an informative post .

  6. Mahak says:

    True, appetite does drop during the summer. You have raised an important point regarding fresh fruits and fruit juices which help replenish water content. Great tips.

  7. Could not have summed up in a better way,such helpful tips for keeping kids nutrition quotient up in this heat.

  8. Manjusha says:

    These little tips will surely help us mothers to ensure healthy and nutritious summer for our kids. Thanks for sharing:)

  9. summer means more liquid and less solid for kids and you have shared some really nice tips to follow

  10. Thanks for the wonderful tips and ideas! Keeping them hydrated in this summer heat is very important ,and double bonus if the nutrition also go in the process.

  11. poojakawatra says:

    These are some wonderful tips and as a mom I can so relate to it ensuring their proper and healthy intake.

  12. All the three kids in my household are picky eaters. Yet we are managing well by including a a variety of fruits, vegetables, liquids , juices etc. After reading your posts, I am relieved that we are on the right track.

  13. Deepa says:

    You shared some great tips for moms who worry about their child’s nutrition. Pediasure is great for kids. Would check out the new flavours.

  14. Batul says:

    Hey your tips are so bang on,I keep worrying about my childrens nutrion all the time.
    I will surely try the new flavour,may be it will do magic with my son

  15. Anchal says:

    Thanks for sharing insights from the event. These tip are so helpful. We need to give them the right nutrition

  16. Moms actually struggle hard to convince their kids to consume certain types of eatables. Thankfully we have nutritional mixes like PediaSure.

  17. Very handy useful tips for nutrition. Havn’t used Pediasure for my lil one. Your post gives confidence in the product.

  18. vidhiduggal says:

    I think any mom would easily relate to your post. I regularly use pediasure but I have never tried it’s new flavour. The cookies and cream flavour looks quite interesting.

  19. Neha says:

    Great tips, especially for new moms who are constantly worried about child’s eating habits. The event seems to have been informative.

  20. These are great tips! Ice cream was always a go-to for my family growing up in those hot summers, so these are wonderful ideas to stay healthy! Thanks

  21. You have shared some really great and practical tips. I am sure going to use them for my fussy eaters. Thanks for sharing.

  22. momfunda says:

    I totally agree with you! Forcing only ruins their behaviour towards food. Ofttimes it is us who make them fussy eaters, without even knowing! Thanks for this wonderful article

  23. Well that’s a very well written and informational post Charu. This is surely helpful to all the moment here

  24. mamamusings_ says:

    It was wonderful meeting you at this event Charu! Also I tried making muffins with pedia sure and it tastes yum! Just like the chef’s yummy kulfi.

  25. Ananta Goyal says:

    These summer diet tips are top and hopefully I can follow them. Thanks and will try out the new launch. yummy

  26. Summer diet tips are awesome, and I am pretty determined to use some for my little doll. PediaSure is definitely a holistic supplement.

  27. The tips are really good and very easy to incorporate. Thanks for sharing mommy! We will surely use them while making our monthly meal plans every year.

  28. Abhijit Ray says:

    Very handy tips and easily implementable.

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