Nursing diaries of a Twin Mom

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One of the biggest challenges I faced in the initial days of motherhood was Breastfeeding. Although I was determined to breastfeed my kids, it wasn’t an easy journey. But with all the obstacles and difficulties, I did manage to achieve success.


Read my story of breastfeeding twins on Babychakra.com.

Babychakra- Nursing diaries of a Twin Mom



3 responses to “Nursing diaries of a Twin Mom”

  1. Your article us very inspiring . Must be so hard with twins but I must say your determination beat all odds.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Mummasaurus says:

    i had a very difficult time trying to nurse my kids. Im really glad you could ?

  3. I read your post and must say It’s a really inspiring story. I’m sure you kids would be proud of you when they grow up.

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