Oh Mother!

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(‘My Person’: someone who is my confidant; my friend, philosopher and guide; who can read my heart and talk to my eyes. And this could be no one else but my mother. )

This piece is dedicated to my mother who is my biggest support, critic and guide. I can never thank her enough for what she does but I can surely make her feel special in my own unique way. This poem is just to let her know that she is the best and the loveliest.

Now that I have become a mother myself, I know that motherhood ain’t easy and I value, even more, the hardships and pains that my mom must have gone through while raising a difficult girl like me. So here is my small attempt to thank my mom for always being there by my side.







Oh mother! You are my guiding light
who illuminates the paths I traverse.

You are my source of strength.
Every time I fall I look upto your hands
which are ready to caress me,
pat my back and encourage me to rise again.

You are the angel of my life
who would always bring a smile on my face.

Seeing you I forget my worries
Talking to you I feel light
Sleeping on your lap makes me experience heaven.

Oh mother!
It is usually said that God is invisible
But ask me ! I can hug my ‘God’ everyday
and feel the divinity of her arms.

Thank you mom
for being what you are
and for making me what I am.
Your love never needs a condition
Your trust never needs a reason

Thank you mom for being ‘My Person’


Pic Credit: FCwallpaper.com

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24 responses to “Oh Mother!”

  1. That’s such a beautiful poetry … Made me miss my mom even more …

  2. So true Charu. Only after becoming a mother have I realised how much my parents have done and still continue to do for us. ?

  3. Jiya B says:

    My mom always said. One day you will come to know once you will give birth
    Today I realise what she meant with that.

  4. beautiful I wish I could write something like this for my mom

  5. misha jain says:

    Dude you write so good.. never knew u compose too so well..

  6. Geethica says:

    This is so correct Charu. After being a mother myself, I value my mom’s sacrifices more

  7. Ekta says:

    The art of writing good poetry is fading away… I surely can’t write one… fantastic stuff ?


  8. momtasticworld says:

    Such a straight from heart post. Moms are the best. ❤❤❤

  9. Anchal says:

    Emotional and beautiful ? Moms are the best creation of God

  10. This is a beautiful poem Charu! And yes we realize her importance only after we become one

  11. Wow!!! I wish I could hug my God everyday ?

  12. MerogAndMom says:

    How beautifully you have expressed your feelings here! Loved reading it.?

  13. Veens says:

    What a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to one of the most important person n our lives <3

  14. Richa says:

    What a beautiful and lovely poem dear…. Amazing kudos to you for being so creative.


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