Propelled To Write With Matrika’s Creative Woman Journal- Review

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In the times when digital books and technology has replaced pen and paper, people find it easier ‘to type’ than ‘to write’. I too fall in that category of people. While in college, a pen and a diary were my best friends and a witness to all my thoughts and ideas, they gradually lost value with the advent of technology. I always found typing convenient with its auto correct features and built-in spell checks, but it never gave me that personal feel which I get from a glistening pen and paper. A few days back Matrika’s Creative Woman’s Journal arrived at my doorsteps. The writer in me couldn’t wait to unpack the parcel. The minute I opened it, I was mesmerized by the beauty of its outer cover and the smell of its freshly bound paper. The scarlet-coloured journal with a white feather design propelled me enough to go back to scribbling my heart out on a paper.


I happened to receive this journal as I participated in ‘Scribble your heart away campaign-2’ on Facebook. The Woman’s Journal was available in four different variants; namely –glide, write, dream and fly. Since I had an option to choose one, I went with “To Write’ which is represented by a feather.

About Matrika

Matrikas’ Paper Products provide a premium space to stimulate mind and unleash creativity. Their range includes exquisitely designed journals, diaries, notebooks and office stationary.  You can check their entire range at Matrika’s Website. 


Special Features of the Woman’s Journal

What makes Matrika’s journal unique is its special features-
1. It has a special cover material with a printed screen.

2. It is hard bound with round back and corner. 

3. It contains natural shade paper with satin page marker.

4. It includes adult coloring pages and stickers for creative writing.

5. It has a pouch on back cover, an elastic for safe locking and an additional pen holder.

Price and Availability

It is priced at approximately Rs.450 and is available in four colors- red, pink, blue and brown, each representing a different theme. You can buy it from Matrika’s website or from Amazon 

What I Liked

The mere look and feel of the journal got me excited to start writing. Its pages are thick and of good quality. As I started scribbling with a fountain ink pen, the ink didn’t bleed on the paper neither did it reflect through the next page.

The journal caters to the interests of all kinds of writers. So while I could write on normal ruled pages I could scribble freely on blank sheets as well.


And when I did not want to write, I resorted to the coloring pages with doodles that worked as a stress-buster for me.


The sticker sheets at the end of the journal excited the child in me and I  could use them creatively or just to document my current mood.


I am an otherwise very forgetful person and barely manage to keep a record of things that I have to complete. The journal proves to make my life easy with its special pages for To-Do list where I can simply record my plan for the entire day. It also has a special page dedicated to personal details. So right from my blood type to emergency contact numbers, I can save all the information at one place.


With the additional feature of the elastic band that keeps the journal safe and well packed, I can even carry that journal in my handbag wherever I go. And guess, I don’t even have to look for a pen every time I wish to write as there is a small pen holder at the side of the journal to keep things organized for me. 

With so many interesting features, this allpurpose journal can also make a great gifting option. While I can use it as a travel diary, a daily planner or a record book, I plan to use it as a personal diary to record my daily musings and experiences. The journal comes along as an amazing companion for my creative vent out.

Thank you team Matrika for sending such an amazing piece my way!

Let me now welcome Shalu Sharma Rathod in the chain of blogs who would also share her views about the journal. Read what this mother of 2.5 year old twin daughters and a mom blogger has to say at her blog- the dreamer mum

You can also follow her on Instagram & Twitter


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I had received this journal as a part of ‘Scribble your heart away campaign’ and was asked to share my honest opinions. The review holds my personal views and observations about using this  journal.


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27 responses to “Propelled To Write With Matrika’s Creative Woman Journal- Review”

  1. Thanks for sharing the reviews Charu. I have the Pink one – To Dream and I absolutely love the journal!!! It has helped get more creative in the ideation stage for my writing assignments.

  2. Such a lovely review. The journal looks lovely indeed. Very thoughtful page formats too. I cannot wait to use mine. ❤

  3. Wooww..!! It’s lovely ya
    I am so excited to get mine n use it.

  4. TheMomSagas says:

    Great! Use and share your review ?

  5. Great review. I too love this journal very much. Congrats for starting our blog chain of Matrikas Creative Women Journal. Happy to join with you on this blog chain.

  6. I love this journal. Still have to write about my experience with it but its awesome. Loved reading your review.

  7. manveen says:

    Your review tempts me to buy this journal. The pictures are beautiful.

  8. Thanks for sharing the reviews. Love it 🙂

  9. swatiabhi says:

    It is absolutely beautiful, I am in love with mine ❤

  10. The Matrika Journal is beautiful and your review is so well written. The writer in me wants this one for sure.

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  12. Anchal says:

    In love with this journal. It literally propels you to write. Loved your review.

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  14. I really like to have one. This is a very creative journal.

  15. newsontube says:

    Wow great book would grab a copy

  16. Dr Bushra says:

    Love the matrikas journal very creative

  17. carkhanablog says:

    Looks like a very useful and handy journal. Thanks for sharing

  18. I gifted this to a couple of my friends a few months back…since then, I find this everywhere. Your review is making my resolve stronger to get it for myself. And a nice ink-pen to go with it. Your doodle art is wonderful. I wish I could draw something like that . Sigh!

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