Organic Cotton Ethnic Wear by KeeBee: My Choice For This Festive Season

The season of festivities has begun and it’s the time of the year when we all like to dress in our traditional attires. Don’t we ?

I usually dress up Aarav and Aarohi in ethnic attires during festivals. That’s one of the ways we try to connect with our tradition and cultural roots. However, my choice of clothing is not too fancy. I prefer something that suits the comfort of my kids.

This time around Dusshera I was looking for some simple traditional outfits that are trendy, yet comfortable. I was quite impressed when I checked the ethnic collection of Keebee Organics. Apart from their unique designs, what appealed to me the most is the fact that their entire range of clothes is made of 100% organic fabric. With so much talks about conventional cotton being ridden with pesticides and harmful chemicals, choosing organic alternative seems to be a sane option.

What is Organic Cotton

Various studies say that conventional cotton involves the use of high amount of pesticides and chemicals. These chemicals have tremendous impact on the earth’s air, soil, water, and even the health of people in cotton-growing areas. They are among the most toxic chemicals as classified by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Organic Cotton is a safe alternative to the conventional cotton as it is grown without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and genetically engineered seeds. It is grown using methods and materials that are completely environment-friendly. Most organic cotton textiles have to meet the standard of GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard). Fabrics which pass the GOTS standards, ensure that every facility is inspected, and each step is certified.

About KeeBee

Founded by a mom herself, Keebee provides a range of ethnic wear that is made with 100% organic material which is GOTS certified. Their entire production chain follows strict organic processes to provide a product that’s free of hazardous elements like nickel, lead, amines, pesticides, heavy metals, etc. With No stone wash, ezyme wash, acid or chemical wash, their final product is completely organic and environment friendly.

Their clothing line is designed keeping the requirements of kids in mind and includes soft fabric, stylish designs and colourful prints. KeeBee outfits are fashionable and intended for newborns to 2 year old boys and girls.

My Experience
One of the charms of having twins is that we get to dress them alike and that simply adds to their cuteness.

Usually for special occasions, I prefer coordinated outfits for my kids. This time, I chose a white Kurta set with Denim Vest for Aarav and a similar Denim Patiyala Suit Set with polka dots for Aarohi. Both the denim tops have an animal print which is cute and unique.

Organic cotton

Here are few things I liked about KeebBee Organic Cotton Clothes:

Fabric: The fabric is soft, light and breathable. It is natural indigo dyed 100% organic denim and so the fabric is skin-friendly and comfortable for the child.

Design– The design is a blend of traditional and contemporary fashion. It doesn’t include lots of frills or other accessories and hence is easy for the child to carry. They have limited designs but each of them is unique and impressive.

Utility– The look of the clothes is trendy and fashionable. They are simple, elegant and can be worn on regular basis too. Their utility is not just restricted to special occasions.

Packaging – The clothes came in well-packed, brand-labelled cloth bags. Both the piece were separately packed and so were easy to open. The use of cloth bags over plastic ones only reiterates the brands mission of being environment-friendly. There also came a leaflet which explains about organic clothing and its benefits.

Service– Their service is quick, prompt and timely. The clothes reached to me with a week’s span that too in proper packaging. The owner of this brand, Vandana Kalagara attends all the queries of the customers individually and is easily approachable.

Cost– Their starting range is around Rs 1700 for a complete set. It may seem to be a little expensive, but given the fact that it’s made of 100% organic cotton and is GOTS certified, it is worth it.

Organic Cotton

I am super excited to begin the festivities with these special outfits designed by KeeBee. They are surely going to make our festival all the more special and memorable.

Now that I have given you all the reasons to choose organic clothing for your child, you must explore the wonderful collection by this upcoming brand. Click to check the entire range by KeeBee here.

In case you happen to be in Delhi this weekend, you can also attend the KeeBee Baby Clothes exhibition at Nehru Stadium between 22nd to 24th September. Don’t give it a miss.!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was sent these clothes by KeeBee to try on my kids and share my review. The review holds my honest opinion and personal experience of using the same. 

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Palmer’s Bottom Butter Diaper Rash Cream : Review

Diaper rash is one of the most common dermatological problems among kids. As much careful we tend to be, our children still get affected by this discomforting rash at some point.

The first time my girl suffered from a diaper rash, I did not know what to do. As uneasy it was for her, it was equally difficult for me to see her delicate bottom fully covered in red. Her constant wailing and distress was something that made me nervous. That’s when I realized the importance of maintaining a proper diaper hygiene and using a good diaper cream.

Following a good diaper-changing routine is always wise. Here are some steps I usually follow every time I change my kids’ diaper:

1. Washing hands before changing the diaper.

2. Changing the diaper as soon as it becomes heavy or soiled.

3. Cleaning the baby’s bottom and ensuring it’s dry before putting on the fresh diaper.

4. Sometimes I also apply some coconut oil or a mild bottom cream that could prevent rashes.

Recently I have started using Palmer’s Bottom Butter Diaper Rash Cream. This cream can be used for both the purposes-  treating the severe rashes and also preventing it. Regular use of this cream can prevent the recurrence of rashes and also has a nourishing effect on the child’s skin.

Key Features

Diaper rash





1.This cream is hypoallergenic, paraben-free and  phthalate-free.

2. It is dermatologist tested.

3. It contains Zinc Oxide as the active ingredient which is the number one pediatrician-recommended ingredient for treatment of diaper rash.

4. It also contains pure Cocoa Butter, Vitamins A, D and pro Vitamin B5.

Price and Availabilty

The cream is priced at Rs. 415 for 125g and is easily available on online at sites like Amazon, First Cry, Nykaa.

Our Experience

Diaper rash

I found Palmer’s Bottom Butter Diaper Rash Cream to be very effective in treating the problem of rashes. It’s result was visible after using it twice. The cream seemed to have an immediate soothing effect on my girl. Her itching and scratching clearly reduced.


1. This cream is non-sticky, easy to apply and gets absorbed on the skin quickly.

2. Since the cream is hypoallergenic, it is unlikely to cause any allergic reaction. It is approved by dermatologists and hence, is safe to use.

3. The fact that it can be used to both prevent rashes and treat them is impressive.

4. The cream suited my child’s sensitive skin and it’s application did not cause any irritation or burning sensation.

5. The packaging of this product is good and provides all the relevant information about the constituents. It also mentions the directions on how to use it.

6. The tube has a safety seal and a strong lid that prevents the chances of leakage.

7. The cream also has a fragrance of cocoa butter which leaves a pleasant effect.

8. It is appropriately priced and much economical than various other brands available in the market.


1. Although it’s a non-sticky cream, it does not spread across the skin smoothly and requires rubbing once or twice. However once applied it does get absorbed easily on the skin.

2. I would personally prefer a smaller pack of this cream which would be ideal for travelling purpose. May be a pack of 50g or 75g would fit easily in my travelling kit.


Whether we use cloth diapers or disposables, diaper rash and the irritation that is caused due to wet skin, still finds it way among kids. Palmer’s Bottom Butter Diaper Rash Cream, is a wonderful solution to treat the problem of rashes and also to prevent such flare-ups in the first place.

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I have been regularly using this cream for over a period of two months. The review holds my honest views and personal experience of using the same.

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Fade Away Sleep Sounds : Putting Baby to Sleep Is No More A Struggle

Perhaps, one of the hardest things for parents of new born kids is to put their baby to sleep. What if I tell you there is something that can make your life easy and help you in this regard? Read on….

As a new parent, our natural instinct is to follow all the traditional, tried and tested methods of parenting. We usually think twice before trying something new. Sometimes a relatively new approach can really make a lot of difference.

When my twins- Aarav and Aarohi were born, amongst the many challenges that I faced, the biggest one was putting them to sleep. Like all other babies, they would feel insecure and want to be in my arms all the time. They would get disturbed with the slightest of noise like a knock on the door or ringing of the bell. And sometimes if one of them would wake up crying, the other one too would have his eyes wide open. In those days, I was always shunting between the two babies, patting one to sleep, putting him down, taking the other, rocking and singing for her only to find the first one awake. And the cycle would go on all night.

I followed all the traditional techniques to put my babies to sleep like patting, rocking, swaddling, singing, etc and never really thought of something new. If only I knew then that there is one more method which is easier and equally successful- using the white noise sounds.

Does it happen that your otherwise crying baby suddenly gets calm listening to a particular sound like that of a washing machine or a hair dryer? Does it happen that your baby sleeps instantly in a noisy environment that’s full of hustle and bustle? Ever wonder why? That’s because they are naturally used to such a noisy environment.

The Logic Behind White Noise

White noise refers to the specific sounds that replicates the sounds of nature. These are the sounds from our everyday environment that help babies fall asleep.

Don’t we usually make a loud ‘shushing’ sound to calm a crying baby? That shushing sound is nothing else but a kind of a white noise that we make our self.

I know putting a baby to sleep with a loud noise may sound counter-intuitive,. But there is science behind this.  It is believed that the womb is a deafeningly loud space. When in womb, babies get accustomed to the loud noise and form an emotional connection with the same. A completely quiet environment outside the womb  can have an opposite effect on them especially when it comes to sleep. That’s when sounds of white noise, may help babies to feel calm and comforted.

The white noise sounds help reducing stress in the babies enabling them to fall asleep easily. The world outside the womb is quite stimulating for them which they are not usually able to handle. White noise, in a way, creates a safe space for babies by blocking out that stimulation.

Fade Away Sleep Sounds

Fade Away Sleep Sounds are white noise sounds that uses high quality recordings produced by nature along with ones generated from common household appliances. These sleep sounds include Baby Sleep Sounds meant for putting young babies to sleep, and Non-Baby Sleep Sounds which are meant for relaxation purposes for both kids and adults.

Fade Away Sleep Sounds include:

Fade Away Sleep Sounds


Baby Sleep Sounds – Sounds like that of a ‘bath tub’ or ‘car ride’

Nature Sleep Sounds – Sounds of a ‘rushing river’ or ‘ ocean roar’

Life Sounds – Sounds of an ‘electric fan’ or a ‘train on track’

Musical Sounds – Sounds like ‘seaside serenity’ or ‘rainy day relaxation’

These sounds can be purchased individually as well as in a package. Check the various packages and offers that are available on their site here.


Key Features:

Fade Away Sleep Sounds has some interesting features that make them unique from other white noise sounds.

1, All Fade Away Sleep Sounds are about 60 minutes long with the final 10 minutes being a slow, gradual fade to silence.

2. .They include a range of sounds- from that of a vacuum cleaner to the ocean roar to sweet rain drops. So parents can actually choose from a variety of tracks and see what works for their baby.

3. Since the length of the track is fairly long, it doesn’t require one track to run on loop.

4. As a parent, while I would want to resort to these sounds that would help to put my baby to sleep, I would also worry about my baby getting dependent upon it. Fade Away Sleep Sounds addresses this concern of parents. All the tracks are designed in such a way that they not just help the babies to sleep easily but also wean them off it at the same time. The subtle fade away to silence at the end of the tracks helps in that regard.

5. The Non-Baby Sounds are as much soothing for adults as they are for kids.

6. Some of the musical tracks are not just meant for the purpose of sleep, but are also ideal for meditation, yoga, massage and relaxation for adults.

Factors to Keep In Mind While Using Fade Away Sleep Sounds

  1. White noise sounds should be loud enough to mask the unwanted sound. However the maximum recommended volume is 50 db and it shouldn’t be louder than that.
  2. The device in use should be kept at a distance from the baby (at least 6 inches)
  3. Don’t use white noise all day long. Use it only when your are putting your baby to bed.

I listened to a few Fade Away Sleep Sound tracks recently and found some of them as very soothing and calming. Well, what’s better than such sound tracks that not just calm a baby but also help an over-stressed parent?

I would recommend trying out Fade Away Sleep Sounds to all new parents. Play a few tracks and see which one works for your baby. I am sure this will put a rest to your struggle.

Want to know more about Fade Away Sleep Sounds ? Check this video.


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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However the views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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KidloLand Interactive Educational App for Toddlers and Preschoolers: Review and Giveaway

Not All Screen Time is Bad- KidloLand Proves That

Technology has seeped into all parts of human life. Living in 21st century, its tough to avoid the use of technological gadgets in our everyday life. I used to be very apprehensive about giving some ‘screen time’ to my kids. But over a period of time I realized it’s impossible to keep kids away from the same.

Healthy screen time can be a great way of fun and learning for kids. As parents it depends upon us how we use technology to our advantage and choose the right content for our kids. While allowing some screen time to my twins there are two things that I always keep in mind-

1.Fixing the time limit – I believe in practicing moderation. So, my children are allowed only half an hour of screen time everyday which they happen to enjoy a lot.

2. Avoid Passive Learning–  I ensure to involve them in interactive games that requires active engagement on their part. This helps making screen time a session full of fun and learning.

I always prefer downloading some fun, interactive and educational apps that let my kids learn and enjoy at the same time. So when I was offered a six months subscription pack to try an educational app named KidloLand, I jumped upon the opportunity.


I have been exploring this app with my kids since over a month now and can easily vouch for it to be an ideal Nursery Rhyme and Games App for toddlers and preschoolers.

Read on the detailed review of the app. Scroll down to see the Giveaway surprise at the end. 

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Hugsntugs: Special Customised Outfits For Every Occasion

Hugsntugs: Adding Colours To Your Child’s Wardrobe

Today’s modern age has made our life simple, thanks to the digital world that facilitates online shopping. From buying grocery to electronics, from ordering food to booking vacation- everything can be done with a few clicks. Buying apparels for the kids is no different.

For me visiting stores and shopping the traditional way is nothing less than a daunting challenge especially with two young kids always clinging around my arms. Hence resorting to the online world seems like an easy choice.

I usually find plethora of varieties and brands for kids clothing while shopping online. However, when it comes to getting customised outfits for special occasions, I don’t see many reliable options available. This time, during Rakshabandhan I was looking for a suitable online store which could specially customise apparels for my kids as per my need. Luckily, I chanced upon HugsnTugs online store that not just fulfilled all my requirements but also left me as a happy customer.

About HugsnTugs

HugsnTugs is an online shopping store that provides a wide range of clothing and accessories for kids upto 8 years of age. Muckta and Nimisha, two mothers tried to combine their dream for fashion and their love for kids into one and so co-founded a trendy online store for kids wear. Each garment that they design, is made with utmost passion and care keeping the need and comfort of their special users in mind. You can check out their vast collection and some amazing discounts that they keep offering on their site here.

They also offer personalized products suiting your requirement. Be it apparels, towels, bags or cushions- they customise all. You just need to give them a call and explain the specifications and they provide exactly what you ask for. Isn’t that wonderful?

My Experience with HugsnTugs

I always like to dress my twins in coordinated outfits. And more so on specials occasions and festivals. HugsnTugs kept this in consideration and came up with something based upon my requirement. I, thus, received specially designed outfits for my twins, which were coordinated in design and pattern.

For my girl, there came a blue-coloured, soft cotton frock with polka dots. And for my boy, I received a white onesie shirt, with similar blue-coloured polka dots design on collar and sleeves.


Both Aarav and Aarohi looked like a team when made to wear the outfits together.

Here is what we liked the most about these clothes-

1.Fabric– The fabric of both the garments is soft and light. The material used is cotton which is comfortable and suitable for the child’s skin.

2.Design–  The design is trendy, elegant and fashionable. The clothes do not include lot of frills and flares which makes them easy and comfortable to wear.

3. Utility– The look and appeal of both the outfits is unique. Given to its comfort, my kids can wear this on regular basis too. Hence their utility is not just limited to special occasions.

4. Packaging– The clothes come in well-packed, brand-labelled plastic cover with a personal message. The pieces are individually packed in separate covers that can be opened easily.

5. Service– Their service is quick and immediate. I received the product within three days of my discussion with the team. The Hugsntugs staff is super cordial and friendly and attend to all the queries posted to them individually.

6. Cost– I personally find some of the products available on their site as a bit expensive. But since their range is wide, I could easily look for options that fit in my budget.

Both Aarav and Aarohi looked adorable in their matching outfits. This was their second Rakshabandhan and it was made all the more special by the beautiful apparels sent by HugsnTugs.

If you are looking for personalized apparels for your kids, search no more! Check out HugsnTugs and get specially customised outfit suitable for every occasion.

They also have a great range of traditional wear. My friend Rakhi tried their ethnic collection for her daughter and had a wonderful experience. Read what she has to share here.


Also read my review of the Globetrotters Country Box For Kids. 


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was sent these clothes by HugsnTugs to try on my kids and share my review. The review holds my honest opinion and personal experience of using the same. 


The Moms Co Tea for Acidity Relief- Natural Solution To The Problem of Heartburn and Indigestion

To Tea or Not To Tea–  Think No More With The Moms Co Tea for Acidity Relief

All through my pregnancy, one of the major dilemmas I faced was whether to have my favourite cup of tea or not. I have been a tea-addict since my college days. All my exam preparations and late night studies was possible, only when I had a few cups of tea ready beside my table. So this habit of drinking tea everyday wasn’t new when I got pregnant. My morning cuppa used to be refreshing and the only thing that could wake me up.

While tea used to help keep the pregnancy-induced drowsiness away, it brought its own set of problems too- the major ones being acidity and heartburn. As soon as I had hit the second trimester, this problem was at its peak and used to get aggravated with tea and other caffeinated drinks.  I always used to wish if there was one brand that probably makes tea especially for pregnant, tea- addict women like me. And guess what, it seems my wish was heard by The Moms Co.

About The Moms Co

Doesn’t the name say it all?

The Moms Co is a brand that keeps the needs of expecting moms in mind and aims to provide them that what is best for their babies. Using the most effective natural ingredients, they have a range of products that are chemical-free and safe-to-use for moms to-be. Their products are developed and tested with the best experts across India, Australia and Switzerland,.

The Moms Co Tea For Acidity Relief

The Moms Colo

This all-natural, caffeine-free, herbal tea helps ease heartburn and calms the digestive system. Created by and imported from Expert Formulators in Europe, this tea is FSSAI approved. It doesn’t contain any synthetic flavours or preservatives and is absolutely safe to be consumed during pregnancy.


The tea is a herbal blend of chamomile flowers, lemon balm, peppermint leaves, sunflowers and blackcurrant leaves. All these products help to stimulate digestion, boost immunity and reduce the problem of nausea and heartburn.

How To Use

Use one teaspoon of tea leaves in 50 ml (approximately one cup) of freshly boiled water. Leave it to infuse for around 8-10 minutes. Sieve and use.

Price and Availability

The tea costs Rs 699 for a 50g pack and is available at The Moms Co website. They offer a variety of skin care products. Along with the tea for acidity relief, they also offer a special tea for nourishing feed, exclusively meant for lactating mothers. You can check their entire range here

My Experience

I have been using this tea regularly now. It has a minty taste and a mesmerizing fragrance. I find the taste of the tea enhances when mixed with lemon and sugar. However one can have it even without any extra element. It is easy on the stomach and doesn’t make one feel full or bloated.

When tired, I particularly try to have this tea as it seems to have a calming effect that de-stresses me. The best part is that the tea works equally well for elderly people. My parents too liked its taste and found it super effective in easing acidity.


Here are a few things I like about this tea-

  1. The product comes in a sturdy, air-tight container that lists out all the relevant details about the ingredients, directions to use, caution, etc
  2. The aroma of the tea-leaves is supremely pleasing.
  3. The tea is not just meant for pregnant ladies but can also be consumed by all adults, including old men and women.
  4. It is highly effective in relieving the problem of acidity for all.
  5. The tea also has a cooling effect that aids to reduce heartburn.
  6. It can easily be made with water and doesn’t require any added element.
  1. The product is so far only available online
  2. I find the tea also has a soporific effect that may not suit all. However, it’s a boon for pregnant ladies.

The Moms Co Tea for Acidity Relief has become a part of our everyday routine and we highly recommend it to everybody. It’s not just me but there are more moms too, who would vouch for this amazing herbal tea. Read my friend, Prisha’s review of the same, here.

If you also happen to face the dilemma- To Tea Or Not To Tea– then you are surely provided with the right answer. This natural tea is a perfect alternative to your regular caffeinated drinks.

Do try this tea and share your experience with us.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I have received this product by the company to use and share my experience of the same. The review holds my honest opinion and personal views of using this product for over a period of two weeks.


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Ang-tatva: Pamper Your Skin The Organic Way

Ang-tatva Natural Beauty Products Review

Amongst the many changes that occur in a woman’s body during pregnancy, the most daunting one is that related to her skin and physical appearance. When I conceived, while I could easily deal with my growing belly and the shapeless physique, what really bothered me was the problems of skin acne, dark spots and pigmentation.

As a young girl I had a flawless skin. Thanks to my mother who used to take care of my diet and pamper my skin with her lovely home-made packs. But as I grew out of the happy cocoon of my mom’s house, I never got time to pamper myself the same way. Hence resorting to the ready made beauty products seemed to be an easy option.

Now when the pregnancy hormones started playing their game on my skin, I again tried to find the easy way out and relied upon all the fancy creams and beauty products that claimed to provide an immediate solution. I hate to say that none seemed to show the desired results. Apart from digging a big hole in my pocket, the unwanted chemicals in these products ended up doing more harm than good.

I had almost given up missing my flawless skin and adjusted with the fact that acne and dark spots are probably going to be my friends for life. Just then I stumbled upon this brand called Ang-tatva, which offered a perfect home-made solution to all my skin related problems.

About Ang-tatva


Ayurveda has immense power in healing different ailments. When it comes to skin, natural remedies followed by our great ancestors work wonders. Believing in the goodness of nature and the multiple effects it can have on human body, Misha, a fashion designer and blogger by profession, aimed to provide an organic alternative to various chemical based beauty products that are available in the market. Hence her brand Ang-tatva was born with a vision to provide fresh and personalized beauty and skin care products derived by miraculous herbs and powerful kitchen ingredients.

What’s unique about Ang-tatva is that each of its product is customized to suit individual needs and problems. Isn’t it great to know that there is one brand that understands our individual beauty related concerns and provides a special customised home-made solution to the same?

My Experience

I got a chance to interact with Misha and discuss with her all the issues related to my skin. Keeping my problem areas in mind, she came up with a special tailor-made solution and sent across three wondrous products- Scrub Off, Anti-Acne Mask and Ang-tatva Soaps. I have been using these products for a long time. Here is my take on each of them-


Ingredients: brown sugar, gram flour, kesar, few ayurvedic blends.
Price: Rs 550 for a pack of 100g

I started to use the scrub as per the instructions mentioned on the container, i.e, taking a spoonful of the same and mixing with little honey and lemon juice. The scrub was gentle and easy to use. I rubbed it for 4-5 minutes and then allowed it to rest for some time. Unlike other scrubs it did not stick on my skin and could easily be rinsed off with warm water. After the first use itself, I could feel it’s magic. The immediate freshness on my face was evident. All the dead skin was gone and my face was smooth to touch so much so that I wanted to pinch my own cheeks.


Ingredients: rice flour, lemon rind, orange peel, turmeric powder, lodhra, yastimadhu and few pulses mix.
Price: Rs 459 for a 75g container

This pack could be used by mixing with egg or rose water. Since I hate the smell of raw eggs I chose to try it with rose water. As I applied it on my face, I was reminded of the same home-made packs that my mum used to make for me years ago. I easily sat reminiscing the old days while the pack was left to dry. On removing it, my skin wasn’t dry or flaky. In fact, it was fresh and rejuvenated. With consistent use of this mask over a period of time, I could see gradual reduction of acne and dark spots.


I have used two cleansing soaps by Ang-tatva

1.Deep Cleaning Charcoal Soap

This consists of glycerin goat milk and activated charcoal. It costs Rs 325 for 2 bars.

2. Lime and orange glycerin soap

This is made of lime extract, orange peel powder, glycerin and coconut oil. This rose-shaped soap is priced at Rs 225 for 2 bars.

Both the soaps have a mesmerizing aroma which lasts long on the skin. They lather well and leave the skin soft and supple after every use. I specially loved the fragrance of the lime and orange soap and wished it could last long. But given the fact that these soaps are handmade and do not contain chemicals in any form, they tend to melt fast.

The Mom Sagas’ Take On Ang-tatva Products

I loved the three products that I used and would absolutely recommend it, especially if you are looking for a customized solution for specific skin and hair related problems.


1. All the products are chemical free and fully organic.

2. They are homemade and personally curated as per the individual need.

3. One can feel the goodness after the first use itself as its result is immediate.

4. Each product comes with a special personalized message with the name of the recipient written on it. Reading my name on the jar brought a big smile on my face.

5. The ingredients and directions to use are clearly mentioned on the packs (except for the soaps)

6. The expiry date as well as precautionary note on how to perform a patch test is clearly stated too.

7. These products are delivered at your doorsteps with proper packaging.


1.They come in glass jars and so need to be handled with care.

2. Since these products are made of kitchen ingredients, herbs and natural elements, some of them have a strong smell which may not be pleasant for everyone.

I can easily say that my search for a perfect brand that can take care of my skin in the most gentle and organic way, has ended. I am one happy customer of Ang-tatva. After their skin care range I am now planning to pamper myself with their hair oils and masks. Want to have a look at their wonderful collection? Click here. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

There are many more Moms vouching for Ang-tatva’s natural beauty products. Click here to read Jasmeet’s experience of using Ang-tatva’s D-Tan Pack and Under-eye Roll. Also read Udita’s review of their D-tan Face Scrub and Pack.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was sent these products by Misha to use and share my experience. The review holds my honest opinion and personal observations of using these products for over a month.

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Globetrotters Box

Review: Globetrotters Country Box

As a child I would always have a box in which I would collect stamps and souvenirs gathered from different places. Those small collectibles not just added to my wonderful memories but also made me learn a lot about the places I would visit.  When I first saw the Globetrotters box, I was reminded of my childhood days. I could see a modern day equivalent to my treasured memory box. While I was filled with nostalgia, I was equally excited to explore what this discovery box had to offer.

The Globetrotters Country Box is full of highly stimulating and skill enhancing activities that make learning fun and interesting for kids. In today’s times when kids have fascination for YouTube videos, activity-based subscription boxes are a great alternative to keep kids happily engaged.

What is Globetrotters Box

Globetrotters Box

Globetrotters Box is a creative way to make children learn about different countries of the world. With the aim of developing a sense of discovery and adventure in kids, these boxes are full of DIY activities that provide kids a fun-based learning experience.

These are monthly subscription boxes designed for kids between 4-12 years of age. Each month a country themed activity box is delivered at your doorstop. The boxes include countries like Australia, Japan, Egypt, Italy, UK and US and contain carefully curated activities that can keep kids involved for a long time. 


What’s Inside A Globetrotters Box.

Each Globetrotters box contains 4 to 5 activities that revolve around a country. Activities vary from art and craft to simple puzzles and more. Everything related to the specific country is included in the pack in the form of flash cards, souvenirs or activity sheets. 

The first box comes with a large world map and a passport! After that with each new box, child receives various stickers that can be added to the passport. Isn’t it an awesome way to create curiosity and enthusiasm in kids?

Price and Availability

There are various types of Globetrotters boxes available-

1.Little Explorers world kit for kids aged 4-6 years

2. Young Explorers world kit for kids aged 6- 12 years.

3. Party boxes which are craft kits for kids above 3 years of age.

The country based subscription boxes are priced at Rs 799 and the craft kit vary from Rs 399 to Rs 699, depending upon the theme. They are available under various subscription plans of 3 months, 6 months and 9 months. You can check the entire range and all the available subscription plans on their website here.

Our Experience

We received the Globetrotters UK Country box. The box looked promising from outside. Since it is meant for kids aged 4 to 6 years, it was my 5 years old niece who tried it. She loves art and craft and so thoroughly enjoyed each and every activity that was included in the kit.

Her excitement had no bound when she saw a  special letter by her pen pals from Planet Mozo who took her to the beautiful and royal land of UK.

As she opened the box further, she found the following-

1. A Passport (for entering the country)

2. Large Illustrated World Map (Premium quality)

3. DIY  Medieval Royal Castle Activity Kit

4. UK Flag Fridge Magnet Activity Kit

5. British Royal Crown Activity Kit

6. UK Big Ben Craft Based Kit

7. Flash cards on famous monuments of UK

8. A Royal Guard Souvenir that can be preserved as a momento for visiting UK

While she enjoyed doing all the activities, her most favourite one was crafting the Big Ben. Somehow the idea of a clock tower fascinated her a lot.

With the help of flash cards she could remember the names of all the famous monuments of UK. 

Through this country box, she learnt many facts about UK’s culture, history and lifestyle and guess what, she now wants to visit UK soon.

What’s Impressive About Globetrotters Box

1. Activities included in the box are well-researched and age appropriate.

2. They provide a holistic experience to kids and cover development of various skills like problem solving, number skills and fine motor skills.

3. The activities are highly engaging aimed at building imagination and creative learning.

4. Most of the activities focus on DIY art and craft which can keep the child engaged for hours together.

5. All the material for each activity( like glue, sketch pens, sheets, etc) is included in the kit. Also the material is of premium quality.

6. The instructions and guidelines for each activity is also mentioned in detail.

7. Parents can join their kids in their journey to a new country and enjoy some fun-filled family time.

What Could Have Been Better

1. Since most of the activities are art and craft based, they can only be performed once. And so the material given is not reusable. 

2. While the other country boxes include puzzles along with DIY activity kits, the one we received didn’t include any puzzle. It would be great to see a balance of both craft based kits, coloring sheets and puzzles in all the country boxes.

My niece wants to try all the country boxes one by one and embellish her room with all the souvenirs, monuments and items she would craft with each kit. Now doesn’t that sound like a plan?

Globetrotters box is a wonderful way to make kids learn about geography and cultures around the globe. That too by involving them in hands-on fun that encourages curiosity, boosts creativity, and instills confidence. If your child is between the age of 4 to 12, you must subscribe to Globetrotters Box to provide him/her a unique learning experience.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was sent this country box to explore and share my views about it. The review holds my personal experience and honest opinions of trying all the activities that were included in the box.


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Propelled To Write With Matrika’s Creative Woman Journal- Review

In the times when digital books and technology has replaced pen and paper, people find it easier ‘to type’ than ‘to write’. I too fall in that category of people. While in college, a pen and a diary were my best friends and a witness to all my thoughts and ideas, they gradually lost value with the advent of technology. I always found typing convenient with its auto correct features and built-in spell checks, but it never gave me that personal feel which I get from a glistening pen and paper. A few days back Matrika’s Creative Woman’s Journal arrived at my doorsteps. The writer in me couldn’t wait to unpack the parcel. The minute I opened it, I was mesmerized by the beauty of its outer cover and the smell of its freshly bound paper. The scarlet-coloured journal with a white feather design propelled me enough to go back to scribbling my heart out on a paper.


I happened to receive this journal as I participated in ‘Scribble your heart away campaign-2’ on Facebook. The Woman’s Journal was available in four different variants; namely –glide, write, dream and fly. Since I had an option to choose one, I went with “To Write’ which is represented by a feather.

About Matrika

Matrikas’ Paper Products provide a premium space to stimulate mind and unleash creativity. Their range includes exquisitely designed journals, diaries, notebooks and office stationary.  You can check their entire range at Matrika’s Website. 


Special Features of the Woman’s Journal

What makes Matrika’s journal unique is its special features-
1. It has a special cover material with a printed screen.

2. It is hard bound with round back and corner. 

3. It contains natural shade paper with satin page marker.

4. It includes adult coloring pages and stickers for creative writing.

5. It has a pouch on back cover, an elastic for safe locking and an additional pen holder.

Price and Availability

It is priced at approximately Rs.450 and is available in four colors- red, pink, blue and brown, each representing a different theme. You can buy it from Matrika’s website or from Amazon 

What I Liked

The mere look and feel of the journal got me excited to start writing. Its pages are thick and of good quality. As I started scribbling with a fountain ink pen, the ink didn’t bleed on the paper neither did it reflect through the next page.

The journal caters to the interests of all kinds of writers. So while I could write on normal ruled pages I could scribble freely on blank sheets as well.


And when I did not want to write, I resorted to the coloring pages with doodles that worked as a stress-buster for me.


The sticker sheets at the end of the journal excited the child in me and I  could use them creatively or just to document my current mood.


I am an otherwise very forgetful person and barely manage to keep a record of things that I have to complete. The journal proves to make my life easy with its special pages for To-Do list where I can simply record my plan for the entire day. It also has a special page dedicated to personal details. So right from my blood type to emergency contact numbers, I can save all the information at one place.


With the additional feature of the elastic band that keeps the journal safe and well packed, I can even carry that journal in my handbag wherever I go. And guess, I don’t even have to look for a pen every time I wish to write as there is a small pen holder at the side of the journal to keep things organized for me. 

With so many interesting features, this allpurpose journal can also make a great gifting option. While I can use it as a travel diary, a daily planner or a record book, I plan to use it as a personal diary to record my daily musings and experiences. The journal comes along as an amazing companion for my creative vent out.

Thank you team Matrika for sending such an amazing piece my way!

Let me now welcome Shalu Sharma Rathod in the chain of blogs who would also share her views about the journal. Read what this mother of 2.5 year old twin daughters and a mom blogger has to say at her blog- the dreamer mum

You can also follow her on Instagram & Twitter


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I had received this journal as a part of ‘Scribble your heart away campaign’ and was asked to share my honest opinions. The review holds my personal views and observations about using this  journal.


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Mamaearth’s Under Eye Cream and Body Cream for Mama- Review

Mamaearth is one of the upcoming brands for baby care products. It has gained immense popularity in little time simply because it proves to be a brand ‘by a parent, for the parent’.  It’s  products are toxin-free, made of natural elements which makes it an absolutely child-friendly brand.

I had already tried mamaearth’s baby care range, and was super impressed with some of their products, especially the baby oil and lotion. So now when I got a chance to try their products made exclusively for moms and moms-to-be, I was super excited.

Special Features of the Products

All Mamaearth’s products claim to be-

  1. Phthalates Free
  2. Paraben Free
  3. Mineral Oil Free
  4. SLS Free
  5. Toxin Free
  6. Hypoallergenic
  7. Dermatologist Tested
  8. Skin friendly and easy to use.

The First Look


The products came in well packed boxes. The packaging was up to the mark ensuring proper safety. Each box had a small quote written on it which did not fail to make me smile. This shows the effort and thoughtfulness, that the brand has put in mere packaging itself.


Both the cream containers are sturdy and have double lids to prevent any kind of leakage. What’s unique is that each product describes itself and talks about its purpose. The directions of use along with the key ingredients are mentioned quite clearly on the container.

Under Eye Cream


Key Constituents: Glycerin, Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Calendula Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Rockweed Extract, Papaya Extract, Green Tea Extract, Allantoin, Carbomer, Potassium Sorbate.

Price and Availability: It costs Rs. 500 for 50 ml container. The product is available online on,, Flipkart . com, and


The Under Eye Cream made of coffee, cucumber and White Lily extract is meant for solving the problem of dark circles and puffy eyes. It’s regular use helps to reduce the dark circles and nourishes the under eye skin.

My experience:

I had never faced the problem of dark circles ever in my life till I became a mother. As soon as pregnancy happened, my face started to look pale. I started to have black patches on my face and neck. Thanks to the wonderful pregnancy hormones, that played their game well! I was told by the doctor that once I deliver and the hormones settle the patches would go. And they did seem to reduce but due to lack of sleep and rest, I was never fully relieved by them. Infact, to worsen it further, dark circles under my eye became all the more prominent.

I tried many home remedies but none brought a quick solution to this. So when I laid my hands upon Mamaearth’s Under Eye Cream, I wasn’t expecting much from it. But to give it a try I used the cream as per the directions mentioned on the container.

The first time I applied, it left a feel-good impact and I was impressed with its fragrance. I applied the cream twice a day and did not find the need to apply anything else the rest of the day. The result was visible in a few days. Using this cream continuously for two weeks showed positive results and I plan to use this further till all my dark circles fade away.


1.The cream isn’t too thick in consistency and spreads around well.

2. One doesn’t need to apply a lot in one go. A small amount taken on finger tip works well.

3.It stays on for long and leaves the skin smooth and hydrated.

4. Although it is an under eye cream it can be used all over the face as well.

Lows :

1.I personally found the cream to be a bit expensive. (500 INR for a 50 ml bottle)

Body Cream


Key Constituents: Glycerin, Shea Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Avacado Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Aloevera Extract, Cucumber Extract, Papaya Extract, Turmeric Extract, Calendula Oil, Basil Oil, Geranium Oil, Potassium Sorbate.

Price and Availability: It costs Rs 500 for a 100 ml bottle. The product is available online on, Nykaa . com,, and


The Body Cream made of Shea butter, peptides and milk protein is meant for tackling the problem of stretch marks and scars. It helps to reduce the risk of stretch marks and provides skin nourishment.

My Experience

What’s a tigress without her stripes! That’s how I used to console myself every time I used to see my ‘striped’ belly. The problem of stretch marks is quite common and inevitable during pregnancy. While these marks do take some time to fade away, a good cream helps to quicken the process.

My belly is not just adorned with stretch marks but also scars, thanks to the problem of keloid. So when I got a chance to try Mamaearth’s Body Cream I didn’t hesitate a bit as it claims to treat both. I used the cream as per the directions mentioned on the container.

The cream has a sweet fragrance. I applied it on my entire belly and it did not give me a sticky feeling. In fact, it left my skin feel soft and fresh. I applied it everyday after bath and with consistent use for over two weeks I could feel the difference on my skin.


1.The cream can be used both during the pregnancy and after.

2. It can be applied on belly, breasts, and other parts where the skin is stretched.

3. It leaves the skin fresh and supple.

4. It’s non-sticky and itch-free.


1. I personally found the consistency of the cream a little thick and so its application requires extra rubbing around the area.

My overall experience with Mamaearth has been good- both with their Baby Care products and Mama Care range. I would surely recommend this brand to my family, friends and followers.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. I received the samples of these products to try and share my honest review. The post holds my personal observations after using the products for over two weeks.