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Featured: New Pampers Pants With 3X Absorption Technology: Demo by The Mom Sagas

The Mom Sagas got featured again! Yayy! It’s always good to find yourself featured on prestigious portals that appreciate your work. I recently got an opportunity to witness and test the working of Pampers New Generation Diapers wherein I performed a live demo to understand the 3 channel absorption technology of Pampers pants. Diapering is […]

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Featured : A Punjabi-Kannadiga Love Story

Yayy!! We got featured! I am super excited to share that we got featured at The Times of Amma, as a part of their Unity in Diversity celebrations. India is a land of different cultures, traditions and customs. As we celebrate, seventy years of Independence, we should acknowledge that we are all united despite the […]

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Featured: Embrace The Mess Made By Kids

Childhood is one stage of life when you are allowed to do whatever you want to. Be it creating mess or having fun- there is nothing stopping a child. And probably that’s why childhood is the best. My kids love to create mess. Sometimes with mud, sometimes with paint but mostly with their food. They […]