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Experienced versus Experts On Social Media : Donot Confuse The Two

Experienced versus experts – how often do you confuse the two on social media?  Many people confuse these (especially on social media where every second experienced person claims to be an expert) but there is a major difference between the two. Experience simply means ‘what happened’. Things/situations we have faced or handled personally. Expertise means […]

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5 Basic Life Lessons Re-Learnt Via Social Media

Important Life Lessons Re-Learnt Via Social Media  As a blogger who actively uses social media, I learnt a lot of new skills and  explored my capabilities via social media. I attempted things I have never done before. And in the process I re-learnt some basic lessons of life that probably were taught to me as […]

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My Blogging Journey – Ups, Downs & Lessons Learnt

My blogging journey – The Mom Sagas I often get asked by a lot of friends about why I blog and how I started The Mom Sagas! So I thought let me share a little bit about my blogging journey. I am an educationist by profession and hold a masters degree in English literature. Talk […]