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Welcome to The Mom Sagas- a forum ‘for a parent, by a parent’. Parenting as a journey is extremely fulfilling and rewarding, yet equally demanding and challenging. It can, however, be made easy by sharing of experiences and learnings one gain as a parent.

I, Charu Sareen Gujjal, am an educationist by profession and a writer by passion. My journey from being a child to a mother, yet being a child again as a mother – has been beautiful so far. Each day marks a new learning, a new story and a new memory that deserves to be treasured and shared. As I grow with my kids and explore the world along with them, I aim to record all my wonderful motherhood experiences and share it with fellow mothers of the world.

At The Mom Sagas, you can have a glimpse of my life as a mother of twins. You can read about my learnings as a parent and a few tips that worked for me. You can also read about kids’ product and service reviews, book reviews and education. Apart from parenting, I also like to share my views on current topics especially related to womanhood, health, lifestyle and mommy fashion.

Scroll through the various blog posts to see the world through my eyes.  In case, you find something interesting and relatable, do let me know by leaving a comment and sharing it further with your friends.

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